Autumn Rhythm (Number 30). Jackson Pollock. Oil on canvas. 1951.

abstract painting of curved lines and splatters
  • Summer Assignment

    *Updated June 30, 2020

    At least once over the summer, take an online virtual tour at a museum website. It can be a major museum, like The Getty or The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or it can be a smaller more local museum, like the Oceanside Art Museum or Orange County Museum of Art, or it can even be a piece of public art. Pick out one work that you enjoy or are "stopped" by and, in 250 words or less, tell me the following about the work:

    1. Describe the work of art in detail and point out what aspects of the work stand out to you the most.
    2. What is your reaction to the work? How does it make you feel? Do you like it or not, and why or why not?
    3. Look around the work of art and comment on how well you think it "fits" within the space it is presented.

    This assignment is due Monday, August 17th. Enjoy your summer; fill it with art!

    (Some museums are re-opening this summer so if you'd like to do this in-person instead you certainly can, whatever works for you.)

AP/IB Art History

  • This class combines the Advanced Placement (AP) and International Bacalaureate (IB) courses for Art History. The aim of the course is to introduce students to art making and expression and provide the necessary skills to analyze and evaluate works of art in their respective historical contexts. Art History is a subject that inherently requires students to synthesize information as the content always aims to place works of art in their respective historical periods and cultures, and proper understanding requires the study of a variety of contextual aspects, such as culture, religion, and artistic movement. In my opinion, this visual record of history breathes life into peoples ancient and modern and helps us recognize our shared humanity through the centuries.