Grading Policy -- Math 7 and Math 8

    Eaching grading category is weighted as follows:

    • Tests/quizzes - 80% 
    • Classwork/Other - 15% (includes weekly warm-ups, classwork, projects, etc.)
    • District Assessments - 5%

    Grades will be updated on Infinite Campus at least once a week.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.  

    Weekly Warm-Ups (Math 8 only)

    Weekly Warm-Ups are an online weekly assignment.  They are active from the start date until 3pm on Friday of the same week.  You can access them from anywhere as long as you are logged into your school Google account.  The goal is to complete about 2 questions per day.  You must submit your answers every day in order to save your work.  You can then go in to edit responses to complete the review on the remaining days of the week.  Each question is worth 1 point.  After the week is over, the assignment is closed, graded, and you will be emailed a report of your correct and incorrect answers.  The computer will only issue a correct response if you have the correct answer and have carefully followed instructions for how to enter your answer.  Any discrepancies in which you feel you should have received a point but did not must be addressed as soon as possible.  You will need to forward me your emailed report and tell me which questions you would like me to review.  Because the assignment is active all week, you are expected to do your 2 questions daily, even if you are absent or tardy. 

    Work Presentation and Paper Headings

    - For credit, students must write their full name, date, and period on all assignments.  Work will be handed back until this is complete.  No exceptions.

    - To help me in grading your assignments, they must be neatly written and not torn or crumpled.  Sloppy assignments will be returned, re-copied, and turned in the following day with the original assignment for credit.

    - Students must show all work on all problems.  No work = no credit!  Assignments with no work shown will be returned, finished, and turned in the following day with the original assignment.  Work is shown in 3 parts:  1) write out the problem from the book (with some exceptions), 2) show all steps, even what you can do in your head or on a calculator (no exceptions), 3) show the complete answer boxed, circled, or highlighted.  Work assigned from the workbook will need to have work shown on a separate page, stapled to the back.

    - All math assignments, quizzes, and tests must be done in pencil.  Assignments done in pen will be returned, re-copied, and turned in the following day with the original assignment for full credit, and quizzes/tests done in pen will be given no credit.

    - AWSP:  All Work Separate Paper - If an assignment cannot show all steps neatly and clearly, then the work must be completed on a separate sheet of paper.

    - COA: Check Odd Answers - For Math 7 and 8, you have a section in your binder for Selected Answers.  

    - CA: Check Answers - Check your answers with mine online.  

     Absent and Late Policy

    - Student work must be turned in at the start of the period or when checked/collected in class.  Late work is NOT accepted.  

    - If a student is absent, they are responsible for the work they missed.  Students receive two days for each day they are absent to complete assignments.  Example:  If you were absent Monday-Wednesday, or 3 days, you have 6 school days to make up your missing work.

    - If a student is suspended, is on campus suspension, or is truant, the missing work is due the day they return.  No exceptions.

    - Students must check online for the assignments.  Most handouts are available online, otherwise the student can pick up a copy of the handout upon their return. 

    - Medium and long-term assignments and projects are due the day they are due.  If the student is absent, the assignment or project needs to be dropped off at school by a parent/guardian/friend by 2:30 pm.

    - Students who miss a quiz or test must make up the quiz or test on the day they return.  The only exceptions will be family emergencies or hospitalized illnesses, which must be confirmed by a signed parent note or email.  


    Extra Help/Intervention

    Do not be afraid to ask questions!  It is important to speak up when you do not understand something.  The best time to ask for help is during class.  Intervention is also a great time to get the help you need.  Ask for a pass to Intervention.    


    Classroom Rules and Expectations

    The classroom is a place of learning. Students are expected to arrive ready to work, with all necessary materials.  Additionally, any behavior that does not promote the learning of mathematics is unacceptable in the classroom.  In particular:

    • No food, gum, drinks (except water).
    • No hats in class.  (Why?  It shows respect and etiquette.)
    • Bathroom breaks - by permission only.  Requests to use the bathroom during class should be rare - every minute out of the classroom is a minute of lost learning.  
    • Backpacks and purses under your desk, NOT in your lap or aisles.
    • Cell phones must be turned off and out of sight at all times during class.  If I see it, I will take it.
    • All other technology (chromebooks, graphing calculators, etc.) must remain flat on the desk at all times.  Misuse will result in loss of privileges. 


    Behavior Expectations

    In addition to all school rules, the following are rules designed to create a positive classroom environment that promotes respect for others, fairness, creativity, and learning.

    - Be SAFE in the classroom, in your seat and ready to work before the tardy bell rings.  Keep your area clean and your bag and books out of the aisles.  Please put your backpack under your desk.

    - Be RESPECTFUL, courteous, and cooperative at all times to all people.  Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.  Do not interrupt when someone else is talking.  No swearing, teasing, or fighting! Absolutely NO food, candy, or gum in class.  The teacher, not the bell, will dismiss you from your seat.  Do not stand by the door before the bell rings.

    - Be RESPONSIBLE and prepared with all materials and assignments every day.  Participate in class to show you are prepared.  Be responsible for your own behavior and property.  If you are absent, follow the make-up work policy.  Cell phones must be on silent and out of sight at all times.  On occassion, cell phones may be used for academic purposes only and only with prior teacher approval.  


    Consequences for inappropriate behavior and classroom disruptions will be met with one or more of the following:

    • Verbal/written warning.
    • Time out in the hallway.
    • Behavior contract or discipline point.
    • Notification to parents.
    • Lunch detention.
    • Class suspension with 2 discipline points.
    • Administrative or Office Referral with discipline points.


    Substitute Teachers

    Students are expected to behave with excellence if ever there is a substitute in my classroom.  I will not tolerate disrespect of a substitute teacher.  If a student's name is written down as a classroom disruptor, that student will receive a classroom suspension along with corresponding discipline points, depending on the severity of the disruption.