Beginning Band

  • Welcome to Band, and Day MS!

    We have several students who still need to get instruments I will do my best to upload documents and information onto my new website.  Below you will find some documents that include information for percussionist to order supplies, and the beginning band instrument lists that I sent home last year.  

    I will work with Bertrand's Music to set up another instrument rental night.  Once that date is set I will let everyone know.

    Here is the plan for the first few weeks of school.

    Aug 15-17 Class/School Rules, finish placing students on instruments, start rhythm

    Aug 20-24 Teach rhythms, start teaching note names, test on rhythms

    Aug 27-31 Review rhythms, teach note names, test on note names, start teaching parts of instruments, and assign instrument lockers

    Aug 29 Students need instruments by this day

    Sept 3-7 Make sounds on mouthpieces, teach new rhythms, review note names, teach articulation

    Sept 10-14 Start playing out of beginning band book, and continue teaching articulation

Important Documents