Board Meeting Agendas and Board Meeting Dates

  • Special Board Meeting

    June 22, 2024

    Doors open at 2:45 p.m.

    For Special Board Meetings, public comments are restricted to only items listed on the Special Meeting Agenda. (Government Code 54954.3). 

    Public comments are allowed up to a maximum of (3) minutes per comment in the order received, to a maximum of 30 minutes per item for comments on agenda items or non-agenda items. For Consent Agenda Item topics, a limit of (3) minutes total will be allowed from one speaker. 

    Unless the item has been placed on the published agenda in accordance with the Brown Act, no action will be taken. No discussion will be made regarding personnel issues in Open Session. All public comments are an essential part of the board meeting and are carefully considered by the Governing Board. 

  • Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes

    Effective the September 3, 2019, Board meeting, our current online agenda system through California School Boards Association (CSBA), Agenda Online, has been integrated into a CSBA product called Gamut. All meeting agendas will now be accessible through this new platform.

    To access the online agendas and minutes from March 5, 2019, and after, please click Gamut-Simbli. 

    To access the online agendas and minutes from April 15, 2008, to February 19, 2019, please click Previous Agenda Online

    Agendas prior to April 15, 2008, are located at the District Office [31350 Rancho Vista Road, Temecula, CA, Building #11].

    Agendas are typically posted the Friday prior to a Tuesday meeting. Once the board adopts the minutes, they will be embedded within the agendas. If minutes have not yet been posted, only the agenda without the minutes will be accessible.

    Any public records distributed to the Board of Trustees less than 72 hours in advance of the meeting and relating to an open session item are available for public inspection at 31350 Rancho Vista Road, Building #11, at the District Receptionist's desk, on the District's website at, or at the scheduled meeting.


    Students attending the meeting for your government class are expected to stay for one hour of the meeting. After approximately one hour, students may exit to the back of the room, where an Administrator will stamp their form.

Board Meeting Protocols

  • The following information highlights the various opportunities to engage with our Board and district leaders and our continued efforts to maintain transparency.   

      Meeting Information

      • Meeting Information (Subject to change if the meeting is held virtually only)  
        The Board of Education generally meets the first and third Tuesday of the month at the District Conference Center, Rooms A, B, C, D. They meet in closed session from 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. in Rooms A, B, C. The public is invited to attend the Open Session - Recognitions portion of the meeting, which begins at 5:30 p.m., and the Open Session - Business Meeting, which begins at 6:00 p.m. Both Open Sessions are held in District Conference Center, Rooms A, B, C. The District Office Conference Center is located at 31350 Rancho Vista Road, Temecula, CA 92592.


      • Purpose of Board Meetings
        Governing Board members come together one-to-two times monthly for regularly scheduled meetings to perform policy and fiscal oversight of the District’s operations.  They also meet a few times a year in special meetings or workshops to receive more in-depth information from staff.  All meetings are governed by the Brown Act and rules of parliamentary procedure.  Both regulatory processes have precise rules regarding meetings to ensure that the Board is operating within their legal authority.

      Board's Authority

      • Board’s Authority
        Board members have no individual authority.  It is only when they come together as a five-member governing body to consider agenda items that they can take action.  As such, the Board may not take action or discuss any item that does not appear on the posted agenda (Gov. Code Section 54954.2).  This can be frustrating to members of the public who address the Board during public comments on non-agenda items.  The Board cannot legally respond or discuss anything that isn’t on the posted agenda.  They can, however, refer the speaker to a member of the staff to follow up with the individual for further information and assistance.    

      Public Comments

      • Public Comments (Subject to change if the meeting is held virtually only)
        In-person, public comments intended to be shared must be read in person by the submitter.  Comment cards must be completed before the start of the regular meeting and given to the Executive Assistant.  For special board meetings, the Governing Board welcomes public comments and provides an opportunity for members of the public to directly address the Board concerning the items listed on the special meeting agenda (Government Code 54954.3). For regularly scheduled board meetings, the public has the opportunity to address the Board during the public comments section at the beginning of each regular meeting on non-agenda items.  The public also has the opportunity to address items on the agenda during the time the item is presented.  

      In-Person Meeting Attendance

      • In-Person Meeting Attendance (Subject to change if the meeting is held virtually only)
        Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting. Face coverings will be required for all attendees.  

        For non-meeting communication, members of the community may send emails to Board members individually or as a group.  The Board President is the spokesperson for the Board, per Board Policy.  While individual Board members may respond to inquiries noting they have been received, the Board President is the only member who will respond on behalf of the Board.

      Board Meeting Access From Anywhere

      • Board Meeting Access From Anywhere
        If a member of the public cannot attend the in-person meeting, there are four options to review TVUSD Board meetings.  

        1. Live-streaming - Beginning July 20, 2021, TVUSD Board meetings will be live-streamed via the District's Youtube Channel.  Members of the public can watch the meetings live by visiting the Board Agenda website for the link.  Please click HERE.
        2. Video - Any member of the public can watch the recorded meetings via the District's Youtube Channel at their convenience.  Video recordings are retained for three years in accordance with TVUSD’s records retention policy BP/AR 3580.  TVUSD's Youtube Channel link is
        3. Audio - Any member of the public can request an audio recording of the complete meeting.  This is considered a public record request, and a nominal fee to cover the cost of the physical audiotape is required.  Audio recordings are retained for three years in accordance with TVUSD’s records retention policy BP/AR 3580.
        4. Minutes - The written Board meeting minutes serve as the official record of the meeting.  They are typically adopted at the following Board meeting and available online in perpetuity.   

      Reasonable Accommodation

      • Reasonable Accommodation for Individuals With A Disability 
        Within at least 72-hours notice, any individual with a disability who requires reasonable accommodation to participate in a Board meeting may request assistance by contacting Lena Anocibar at or by calling (951) 506-7904.

      2024 Calendar Year Board Meeting Schedule

      • January 16, 2024 - Regular Board Meeting 

        January 30, 2024 - Special Board Meeting - Workshop

        February 6, 2024 - Regular Board Meeting  

        February 13, 2024 - Special Board Meeting - Provisional Appointment Interviews

        March 12, 2024 - Special Board Meeting - Workshop (3 pm - 4 pm)

        March 12, 2024 - Regular Board Meeting  

        April 16, 2024 - Regular Board Meeting 

        May 7, 2024 - Regular Board Meeting   

        May 28, 2024 - Special Board Meeting - Workshop   Canceled

        June 11, 2024 - Regular Board Meeting  

        June 13, 2024 - Board Workshop at 3:30 p.mCanceled

        June 13, 2024 - Special Board Meeting at 4:30 p.m.

        June 22, 2024 - Special Board Meeting at 3:00 p.m.

        June 25, 2024 - Regular Board Meeting  Canceled

        July 23, 2024 - Regular Board Meeting  

        August 27, 2024 - Regular Board Meeting  

        September 10, 2024 - Regular Board Meeting  

        September 24, 2024 - Regular Board Meeting

        October 29, 2024 - Regular Board Meeting  

        November 12, 2024 - Regular Board Meeting  

        December 17, 2024 - Regular Board Meeting - Organizational Meeting