Rainbow Words

  • Rainbow word instructions and lists:

    Rainbow words are the 40 sight words students must learn in kindergarten.  In addition to the 40 words, there are 20 additional words that are included in the rainbow words that are used most frequently in reading.  Each list has 10 words and students must learn to read and recognize them “fast as a snap”( two seconds or less).  These words should not be sounded out and should be recognized out of order.  Students are tested each Wednesday on their individual lists and given the next list to practice if they pass.  The levels are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.  Once students have passed reading all of the levels, they will become star spellers and start over again on red words.  They must spell the words correctly each week in order to move on to the next level and make their way up the rainbow! It is important to practice your child’s list with them nightly.  Mastering these words quickly, helps expand your child’s ability to read and write more challenging topics.  You can print the rainbow lists from below to practice.

  • Kindergarten Sight Words List

    Red sight words:        

    I           a

    can       like

    the       to

    we        and

    see       go

  • Orange Sight Words:

    you            with

    do              is

    my             little

    are             she

    he              was

  • Yellow Sight Word List

    for             want

    have          here

    of              me

    they          this

    said          what

  • Green Sight Word List:

    help             where

    too               good

    has              who

    play             come

    look             does

  • Blue Sight Word List:

    in                from

    that             on

    as                it

    be                his

    at                or

  • Purple Sight Word List:

    one            by

    were          when

    all              had

    there         then

    but           your