About TVUSD School Board

The Board governs Temecula Valley schools, serving approximately 28,000 students. 

  • A Message of Gratitude from the TVUSD School Board

    The Board would like to sincerely thank the TVUSD school community for your support, guidance, and partnership. Our students have opportunities both in and out of the classroom because our school community truly values academic excellence, access to extra-curricular opportunities, clean and safe facilities for our schools and community use, and ensuring that all students are ready for college and career paths. These supports for students and staff are made possible through volunteer efforts, financial support, parent support groups, partnerships with non-profit community groups and local businesses, and the City of Temecula. 

About the School Board

  • School Board Members are Individually Elected by the Community They Serve

    • TVUSD has 5 Trustee Areas and board members serve 4 year terms
    • The school board is accountable for the performance of schools in the district
    • They represent the community's diverse beliefs and values
    • School board members are residents of the school district they serve and come from all walks of life - doctors, lawyers, homemakers, teachers, architects, truck drivers, professors, business owners, real estate agents and more

    School Boards Govern at Board Meetings

    • Hiring and evaluating the superintendent
    • Adopting district policies
    • Approving Local Control Accountability Plans
    • Adopting and monitoring budgets
    • Monitoring district performance and student achievement
    • Actively listening to public comments
    • Considering business items such as contracts, agreements, adopting curriculum, school calendars, etc.

    School Boards Serve the Community

    • Listening to their ideas
    • Engaging them in setting the district vision, mission, and goals
    • Making student achievement a priority
    • Advocating on important K-12 policy issues for all students

    School Board Members Give the Gift of Time

    • Preparing for and attending board meetings
    • Responding to constituents
    • Participating in board training and development
    • Attending community and school events

    How Can I Engage with the Board?

    The best way to engage with the Board is to attend a board meeting and share your thoughts during public comment or a specific agenda item. The community has elected the Governing Board to provide leadership and citizen oversight to the district. While we do not maintain offices at the District Office or regular office hours, any member of the public can email us via the contacts on the website. Your input, questions, and feedback regarding board agenda items are valuable in assisting us with our decision-making process. Please know that a board member has no individual authority to resolve a problem for issues or concerns that we receive regarding a specific school, staff, or student issue. These matters are referred to the superintendent or designee to address. We are always happy to listen and advise on the next appropriate steps and contacts.

    To learn more, click here to see the TVUSD Governance Handbook.