PE Clothes

  • P.E. clothes with the James L. Day logo will be offered during registration or through the ASB Room- 515 before school on Monday and Thursday or after school on Tuesday.  ASB offers four payment options:  online, cash, check or credit card.  Remember: when making an online purchase, print a copy of your order.  The copy of your receipt needs to be brought to school to pick up your order.  If paying by check please make it out to DMS.

    If students choose to purchase their own P.E. uniform it needs to be a plain (no graphics) Gray Dri-Fit crewneck shirt or cotton-style crewneck t-shirt and Black basketball-style shorts with no pockets.

     If students purchase their own sweats, they must be made of cotton, not nylon, and be a plain solid Black or Gray with no emblems or graphics.  For safety reasons, zippers may not be on the sweatshirts.  Sweatpants and sweatshirts with the James L. Day logo will also be offered throughout the year and are available in the ASB Room- 515.

     ~ PE Clothes available for purchase.

    •  Dri-Fit Shirt - $12
    •  Shorts - $10
    • PE Sweatshirt - $23
    • PE Sweatpants - $18
    • Clothing Cinch Bag with DMS logo - $8

     ~ PE Combos:

        Shirt/Short Combo

    • Dri-Fit Shirt/Short - $20

        Shirt/Short/Bag Combo

    • Dri-Fit Shirt/Short/Bag - $27