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    Welcome to Bella Vista Middle School!  We are all looking forward to a fun and productive year.

    I have been teaching since 1993 and here in Temecula since 2002.   I have taught elementary, middle and high school (as Rebecca Scarfone) and moved to French Valley with my family in 2016.  I am currently serving TVUSD as a Math Specialist and will be teaching 6th, 7th and 8th grade math at BVMS.  I enjoy hiking and camping and spending time outside with my family.   We have a 3 children age 7 and younger and 3 dogs.  

    I am looking forward to getting to know all my new students and their parents/guardians. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.  We expect all students to arrive on time and ready to learn.  Students will be asked to think and engage with math and I know your student can do well.  This will be a great year!  Thank you for your cooperation and continued support.  I am here to support you and your child as they progress in their understanding of mathematics.

    Materials: Please try to have the suggested supplies listed within three days of starting the class.   I expect all students to have all their materials (pencil, paper and math binder) in a backpack daily.  I encourage parents to check student backpacks for organization and supplies often!  If you are unable to get or have the supplies please let me know and I will do my best to provide the materials.

    Books: Each student has a workbook and these workbooks are also the math textbook.  Students have access to all resources online.  See my web page on how to access the online resources and copies of the notes and work pages.

    Tutoring and Assistance: Do not be afraid to ask questions! It is important to speak up and let me know when you do not understand something. I may not know you are having trouble unless you ask for help! My job is to help you in any way I can. I will again be offering assistance in math this year every day during 7thperiod.    I have many videos online to help you.  You can also stop by room 712 to see when I am available or schedule a time to meet with me. Parents/guardians are welcome to e-mail me for a conference or to discuss questions/concerns.



    • Student work must be turned in at the start of the period or when checked/collected in class. Late work is NOT accepted.
    • If a student is absent, they are responsible for the work they missed. Students receive two days for each day they were absent to complete assignments. Example: If you were absent Mon.-Wed., or 3 days, you have 6 school days to make up your missing work.
    • Students must check online or call a friend for the assignments. Pretty much everything is available online at any time.   If you need a hard copy, one will be provided when you return to class or you can hav a a friend bring it to you
    • Students who miss a quiz or test must make up the quiz or test on the day they return.  The only exceptions will be family emergencies/illness, which must be confirmed by a signed parent note or e-mail.
    • If a student is suspended, is on campus suspension or is truant, the missing work is due the day they return. 


    • For credit, students must write their full name, date and period on all assignments.  Papers without names do not earn any credit.
    • To help me in grading your assignments, I ask that assignments must be neatly written and not torn or crumpled.  Sloppy assignments will be returned, recopied and turned in the following day with the original assignment for full credit.
    • Students must show all work on all problems.  No work = No credit!   Work is show by showing all steps, even what you can do in your head or on a calculator and having the complete answer boxed, circled or highlighted.  
    • All math homework, quizzes and tests must be done in pencil


    Behavior Expectations:

    In addition to the school rules, the following are rules designed to create a classroom atmosphere that promotes respect for others, fairness, creativity, and learning:

    • Be SAFE in the classroom, moving to your seat and ready to work before the tardy bell rings.  Keep your area clean and your bag and books out of the aisles.  Please put your backpack under your desk.
    • Be RESPECTFUL, courteous and cooperative at all times to all people. Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself. Do not interrupt when someone else is talking. No swearing, teasing, or fighting!  Absolutely NO food, candy, or gum in class.  The teacher, not the bell will dismiss you from your seat.  Do not stand by the door before the bell rings.
    • Be RESPONSIBLE and prepared with all materials and assignments everyday. Participate in class to show you are prepared. Be responsible for you own behavior and property. If you are absent follow the make-up work policy.  Cell phones must be on silent at all times.  Cell phones may be used in class as a calculator with prior teacher approval.  The phone must be flat on desk at all times and if the phone rings, your parents will have to pick them up in the office.  If texting or unapproved activities occur in class, the phone will be taken to office and it will not be allowed to be used as a calculator for the remainder of the year.  Do your best!  Do your own work.  Copying or allowing someone to copy you is unacceptable!


    Classroom Rules

    I have very high expectations for my students and myself.  I expect my classroom to be safe and geared for learning.  A positive and respectful atmosphere is maintained.  I will not tolerate inappropriate behavior as it leads to an inadequate learning environment. I expect students to respect me, the school, themselves and all others.

    • No eating or drinking, except water.  (No food, candy, mints, gum, etc)
    • No hats in class.  (Why?  It's showing respect and etiquette.)
    • Bathroom breaks - emergency only and if you can’t fill out the sign-out/in sheet correctly you will lose privileges.
    • Backpacks and purses under your desk, NOT in your lap or the aisles.
    • All technology (chomebooks, smartphones, graphing calculators, etc) must remain flat on the desk at all times.  Misuse will result in loss of privileges.
    • Respect others and their property.
    • Do not speak over others; raise your hand to speak.
    • Do not disrupt the class.


    Consequences for inappropriate behavior and classroom disruptions will be met with one or more of the following.

    • Verbal warning.
    • Time out in the hallway.
    • Behavior contract or discipline point.
    • Notification to parents of behavior issues.
    • Detention during lunch.
    • Class suspension with 2 discipline points.
    • Administrative or Office Referral with discipline points.


    Substitute Teachers: Students are expected to behave with excellence if ever there is a substitute in my classroom.  I will not tolerate disrespect of a substitute teacher.  If a student's name is written down as a classroom disruptor, that student will receive a classroom suspension along with corresponding discipline points, depending on the severity of the disruption.

    Technology: Cell phone and other electronic use is prohibited everywhere on campus (quad, library, classrooms, etc) unless expressly given permission by a teacher or staff member.  I have chromebooks, simple calculators available to students and I expect all school property to be treated with respect.  No cell phones will be used in class.  Students will sign the Digital License contract and any misuse of technology will not be tolerated.  Abuse or misuse will result in a phone class or e-mail home, possible repair charges, possible discipline points and the student losing privileges in class.


    MATH 8

    Grading Categories:  Each category of assignments is weighted as follows.

    Tests/Quizzes - 80%

    Coursework - 15%  This includes weekly warm-ups, classwork, projects, review sheets, etc.   Any work done in class and collected the same day is generally considered classwork.  Work done over time and/or with partners is generally considered projects.

    District Assessments - 5%  This category includes a District Performance Task for 2.5% and the Semester Final for 2.5%.

    Grades are posted online. I will update the grades regularly and students/parents/guardians may and are encouraged to access them often.  The grades in Infinite Campus are the ones that will be used for the report card. 



    The first five minutes of most days will be spent getting out your materials and completing the cumulative review. Cumulative Reviews will be an online weekly assignment. They are active from the start date until 3pm on Friday of the same week. You can access them from anywhere as long as you are logged into your school Google account. The goal is to complete 2 questions per day. You will submit your answers every day in order to save your work. You can then go in to edit responses to complete the review on the remaining days of the week. Each question is worth 1 point. After the week is over, the assignment is closed, graded, and you will be emailed a report of your correct and incorrect answers. The computer will only issue a correct response if you have the correct answer and have carefully followed instructions for how to enter your answer. Any discrepancies in which you feel you should have received a point, but did not, must be addressed as soon as possible.  You will need to reply to your emailed report and tell me which questions you would like me to look over.  Because the assignment is active all week, you are expected to do your 2 questions daily, even if you are absent or tardy. Students may work ahead and get help at home with this assignment.