• English 9 Course Description

    This course introduces basic genres: short story, novel, poetry, drama, nonfiction, and the terminology necessary for discussing each type. The course also emphasizes essay development through thesis, support, elaboration, and conclusion. Editing and revision skills are emphasized. Writing assignments are linked to the academic standards to encourage personal writing and literary analysis. Oral speaking, listening and vocabulary skills are developed throughout the course. 

    Click here to view Mrs. Campbell's English 9 Course Syllabus

    Essential Materials  

    You will need the following materials: 

    • 1 Composition Book
    • Notebook Paper
    • Colored Pencils
    • Highlighters in Multiple Colors (green, blue, yellow, orange will be used for text annotations)
    • #2 Pencils 

    Google Classroom 

    Enroll in the class using the class code below using your school account. Daily lessons and assignments are posted in Google Slides and you can access these in Google Classsroom. These are the same slides used in the classroom and include more detailed information about the lesson that will help you complete your assignments. IMPORTANT: You will only have access to Google Slides and the handouts linked if you are logged in to your school account.

    Class Codes 

    • English 9 Period 1: mo8q03
    • English 9 Period 6: 4c7k03g

    StudySync Curriculum

    You will have access to the McGraw-Hill StudySync curriculum. Materials include consumable workbooks and online access through your individual student account. Workbooks will stay in the classroom and taken home as needed. Click here to access the Clever app


    All written essays must be submitted to Turnitin.com.  This is a database that includes tools to identify plagiarism. Create an account using the information below. When selecting how to display your name, select the option that shows your last name first and first name second. Click here to view the Turnitin.com website.


    Quizlet.com is a mobile and web-based tool that will help you study for quizzes, tests, and learn new vocabulary. Enroll in the class using the link below that corresponds with your class period. In order to get full credit for the assigned study sets, make sure to use your Last Name and First Name as your username in this exact format: Lastname_Firstname. 

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