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    Editor in Chief or "EIC" is a weekly grammar assignment. It is always on green paper. Each week, students are given two paragraphs to work with. They are to look for spelling, punctuation, and usage errors. There is a small number near each paragraph which indicates how many errors are to be fixed.

    Students are to REWRITE the two paragraphs on white lined paper. Again, I only wish to see the corrected paragraphs. Students MAY use Google Docs at home or in class to complete their EIC. This is an excellent way to practice keyboarding skills as well as learning how to use a word processor for grammar and spelling checks!

    Each paragraph is graded based on 25 points: any errors made, whether they are uncorrected errors from the given paragraphs or additional errors made by the writer in the re-write process are counted against those 25 points. The goal of writing is to communicate, and if there are significant errors in our writing, the communication breaks down. My goal is to be sure that my students leave with an eagle-eye for grammar, punctuation, and usage errors!

    EICs are ALWAYS due on Fridays unless there is a scheduling change.
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