Proposal / Bid Requirements

  • All contractors must be registered with the DIR to submit proposals to Temecula Valley USD in excess of $15,000 for maintenance projects and $25,000 for construction projects.  Any subs used on site will also have to be registered with the DIR.

    DIR registration numbers are to be provided with your proposal/bid.

    Upon acceptance of bid/proposal:  You must keep certified payroll records in accordance with Labor Code section 1776 and be able to provide those records upon request.  All contractors providing services on Temecula Valley USD projects exceeding $15,000 for maintenance projects and $25,000 for construction projects must comply with CA Labor code requirements of Section 1771, 1774 - 1776, 1777.5, 1813 and 1815.  All Certified Payroll Records must be uploaded to the DIR's eCPR and a copy must be provided to Temecula Valley USD upon request.