General Materials

  • Students should have items with them at all times unless otherwise specified.  Thank you for partnering with me in helping your students be successful!


    • Bring a charged chromebook and the cord to school daily.

    • Student Planner (You should receive this in the next few days – Really helpful)

    • Small package of paper - college ruled (put in a chunk to be replaced weekly)

    • Pencil Pouch

    • 2 pens (preferably blue ink)

    • 1 red pen / pencil (for correcting papers)

    • 1 large eraser (pink or white both work well and are inexpensive)

    • 5 pencils with erasers / mechanicals - bring your own lead (you will need to replace these weekly as they get lost often)

    • Highlighters (5 different  colors - yellow, orange, pink, blue, green)

    • Stack of Post-its

    • Tape and a plastic tape dispenser NOT double stick

    • Pencil sharpener (with canister for shavings)

    • Colored Pencils (box of 12) - preferably the twistable kind

    • Headphones or earbuds

    • Two composition books (1 LA / 1 SS) NO SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS WITH PERFORATIONS - Papers fall out too easily

    • Optional: A USB mouse for use with student chromebook - students who choose to use a cordless mouse MUST keep track of the USB wireless port

    • Hand Sanitizer

Help Obtaining Supplies:

  • If you are unable to afford or provide these items, please email Mrs. Sanford and she may be able to help support you with the items you  need.

Lack of Supplies:

  • During the normal course of the school year, should a student NOT have one or more of the following supplies during class, Mrs. Sanford will be happy to LOAN the student the item or items, however, it will cost the student TICKETS, earned throughout the class for answering questions etc. AND COLLATERAL of a PHONE, BACKPACK, OR SHOE.  The item will be returned to the student when the student returns the item or items to Mrs. Sanford. 

Everyday Supplies for Everyones' Use

  • For everyday needs:   (Items that would benefit all students in our class so Mrs. Sanford does not go broke!)

    • Classroom Donations:

      For everyday needs: 
      (Items that work and would benefit all students in our class, so Mrs. Sanford does not go broke)

      • Boxes of Kleenex or tissue (for the fall and winter cold season) - ten tickets earned for each box donated to class

      • Dry erase markers (Rainbow assortment)

      • Small school scissors

      • Rulers

      • #2 Pencils 

      • Highlighters

      • Fine tipped black markers

      • File folders (Costco value pack)

      • Sheet protectors (Costco value pack)

      • Hanging file folders (Costco value pack) 

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

    • Students who are ready to learn and smile!  

    • Student drawn art, pictures, and goodies for my walls and end of the year scrapbook

    • Gel Pens

    • Mechanical pencils (cheap Bic kind)

    • Highlighters

    • Post-It pads 

    • $5 store school supplies

    • Healthy foods

    • Jamba Juice / Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf / Starbucks