Steps for Social Studies Success

    • Review notes.  Make sure you can recall information without looking.  “Talk” through your notes with parents and “teach” them what we discussed in class.
    • Read chapter sections carefully.  Stop and think about what you just read.  Add information that catches your attention to your notes.
    • Complete workbook pages and reviews by looking back at the corresponding section in your textbook and finding the answer.  Be thorough!
    • Make note of anything Mrs. Breglio repeats often and what she tells you to be prepared for on a quiz or test.
    • Follow directions for completing projects.  Make sure you include everything and include it correctly.
    • Study vocabulary.
    • Study for tests and quizzes.

  • Create a poster comparing Paleolithic Era life to Neolithic Era life.     


    Be sure to include the following:

    • Title
    • Three pictures (in color) that represent Paleolithic life
    • Three pictures (in color) that represent Neolithic life
    • As many characteristics of each time period as possible (ex: Paleolithic Era people live in small family groups of 10-12.)
    • Correct spelling and grammar
    • Neatness/organization
    • Typed or written in blue/black ink

  • Students will create a poster illustrating the eight features/characteristics of ancient civilizations.


    The poster must include:

    • Title in center of paper (Features of Ancient Civilizations)
    • The names of each of the eight (8) features of civilization
    • A brief description of each feature
    • A picture to represent each feature of civilization
    • Neat/organized presentation
    • Correct spelling and grammar