• Mathematics Courses Offered:

    Algebra 1A/B:

    Algebra 1 introduces solving for variables, graphing points and equations, and how to apply these skills to real life problems.

    Algebra 1 Teacher: Mr. Tolbert


    Geometry A/B:

    Geometry is the link between numbers and shapes. Topics include points, lines, planes, angles, parallel lines, triangles, similarity, trigonometry, quadrilaterals, transformations, circles and area. You can see how math relates to the shapes around you!


    Business Math A/B:

    Being an adult involves money. Do you know how to do your taxes? Are you saving for a rainy day? Should you buy or lease that new car? Or, is that used car really the right deal? Am I able to budget my $ to pay rent, utilities, food, etc. and still save for a vacation? Learn how money works in the real world and be prepared for life after high school.

    Business Math Teacher: Mr. Krefft