• Beginning of the Year Things to Know:  Supplies

    calendar/Student Planner

    composition or spiral notebook for note taking

    loose-leaf notebook paper

    pens (for correcting and annotating) (3 different colors)

    3-5 sharpened pencils

    silent reading book

    pocket folders


    dry erase marker and eraser


    colored pencils


    pencil sharpener



  • Beginning of the Year Things to Know:


    Mrs. Breglio’s

    6th Grade Science and Social Studies Student and Parent Overview 

    Welcome to Vail Ranch Middle School 

    Welcome to Vail Ranch Middle School.  This is a new, challenging, and rewarding time in your child’s life!  Your 6th grade child, by starting middle school, has reached a whole new level in his or her educational career.  It is an exciting time of discoveries and new responsibilities. 


    Students will grow and be successful as they learn to take responsibility for themselves.  As adults, we can empower students by teaching them the value of hard work, decision making, and being actively responsible for their actions and consequences. 

    Contact Information

    Mrs. Breglio

    6th Grade Science and Social Studies



    **Please note that the fastest and most effective way to reach me is via email.** 

    Classroom Expectations

    There should be courteous behavior at all times in the classroom.  In principle, this means that (1) teachers have the right to teach, (2) students have the right to learn, and (3) no one has the right to interfere with #1 and #2. 

    This includes the basic rules of:  one person speaking at a time

    listening to and following directions

    keeping hands, feet, and inappropriate comments to yourself

    bringing materials to class and being prompt

    **If a student has trouble following these rules in the classroom, they will be given a warning.  If behavior continues to be a problem, the student will be given break, lunch, or after school detention and parents will be contacted. After the above consequences have been completed, the student will receive an office referral. 

    Recommended Daily Classroom Supplies

    *Please note that having appropriate classroom supplies every day is an essential part of success.

    • spiral notebook or composition book
    • loose leaf paper (3-holes and lined, college ruled preferred, please do not use the kind of paper that you have to tear out of a notebook)
    • student planner (homework to be recorded by student each day, checked each night by parent or guardian)
    • pens (for correcting)
    • 3-5 sharpened pencils
    • sustained silent reading book (SSR)
    • pocket folders for homework
    • dry erase marker and eraser
    • miscellaneous: crayons or colored pencils, small pencil sharpener (one that collects its shreddings), extra eraser, glue stick/glue bottle, highlighters 

    Grades and Assignments

    Parents can access Infinite Campus for grade information and teachers' websites for assignments and class information. Please check often to observe your child’s progress, both in terms of actual grades and potential missing assignments.  Through the website, parents can find out what we are studying in class and know exactly what their student’s grade is at any given moment.

    **Please be aware:  Students who are successful are typically those who turn in work on time and prepare for class.  All assignments need to be completed on time, according to the instruction guidelines, and to the student’s best ability.  Students need to study for tests and quizzes.

    Standard percentage grades will be generated for progress notices and report cards. Pluses and minuses are used within the letter grade.

    90-100% A

    80-89% B

    70-79% C

    60-69% D

    0-59% F

    Steps for Science and Social Studies Success

    • Review notes.  Make sure you can recall information without looking.  “Talk” through your notes with parents and “teach” them what we discussed in class.
    • Read chapter sections carefully.  Stop and think about what you just read.  Add information that catches your attention to your notes.
    • Complete workbook pages and reviews by looking back at the corresponding section in your textbook and finding the answer.  Be thorough!
    • Make note of anything Mrs. Breglio repeats often and what she tells you to be prepared for on a quiz or test.
    • Follow directions for completing projects.  Make sure you include everything and include it correctly.
    • Review chapter vocabulary.
    • Study for tests and quizzes.


    Students are expected to find out what they missed and make-up any assignments or tests once they return.  I suggest emailing me for what we did in class, and I will let you know what students can do while they are out or will leave work in the front office for pick up. Students are responsible for what they miss if absent.  

    Please sign this last page of the letter and return it to Mrs. Breglio.  For all intents and purposes, this is a contract between teacher, student, and parents. 

    I sincerely hope we can work together to make this a productive and enjoyable year! 


    Mrs. Breglio 

    Read the statement below.  Please sign on the line underneath the statement and have your child return this page to Mrs. Breglio.   

    I have read and discussed your back-to-school letter with my child.  We understand the rules, requirements, and procedures for sixth grade.

    ______________________________       _________________________________

    Student Name (print)                          Student Signature

    ______________________________        _________________________________

    Parent/Guardian (print)                    Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature

  • Beginning of the Year Things to Know:

    Helpful Tips for Classroom Survival


    • If you know in advance that you will be gone, talk to Mrs. Breglio about getting your assignments early.
    • As long as you have an excused absence, you can make up work for full credit.  You will have two full days for each day absent. After that, you will not receive full credit.
    • Assignments and due dates given before you were absent need to be honored.  Be ready with homework or to take a test when you return.
    • Please remember, if you are absent, you are responsible to find out what you missed and make up any work that was completed while you were out.
    • If you are out sick, email me and I will tell you what you can work on so as not to fall behind.

     Announcements over the Public Address System (PA)

    • No matter what is going on in class, it must be quiet for these announcements. Stop and listen.

     Bathroom Passes

    • Use of the bathroom should take place before and after school, during break, and during lunch.
    • Use common sense.  During lectures and note taking is not the time to use the bathroom.

     Coming and Going

    • Enter the room quietly and without talking.
    • Do not come up to ask the teacher questions at the beginning of class.  We will address issues when the teacher designates during class time.
    • No water fountain drinks or asking to go to the restroom.
    • Get out all supplies, homework, and student planner.  Write assignments in your planner. Don’t wait for Mrs. B. to tell you!
    • We will clean up two minutes before the bell.  Do not start to clean up until the teacher instructs you to do so.  
    • The bell does not dismiss you, the teacher does.

     Getting Around in the Classroom

    • Trash-Keep it with you and throw it away at the end of the period.  During clean-up, check the floor for trash that needs to be thrown away.
    • You may have a water bottle in class.  No food or bright/colored drinks are allowed.
    • Gum is not allowed.
    • You should never be talking or out of your seat during instruction.

     Graded Materials

    • It is advised that you hang on to any assignments that have been graded and returned to you.  Even teachers can make mistakes!
    • Any papers without names will be placed in a “no name” box.  If you are missing a grade, check here before you come to see me or have parents email.


    • There should never be a question of what your grade is or how you are getting it.
    • Grades are updated online continuously.
    • Please remember that you are responsible for your success in class.  Try your best, study for quizzes and tests, and be sure to complete assignments on time.
    • A blank in the grade book means that the assignment hasn’t been entered yet.

     Papers to be Turned In

    • All information should be in the upper right corner of your paper.  First line is your name. Second line is the class name and period (LA for language arts, SS for social studies).  Third line is the date.
    • Put title of assignment at top of page.
    • All work needs to be completed in pencil unless specified by the teacher.  When told to write in pen, it is to be blue or black only.
    • No fuzzies!!!  This means paper ripped out of a spiral notebook.
    • Assignments and due dates should be written in your planner each day.  Assignments will also be posted on the website.

     Signal for Getting Your Attention

    • I will either ask for your attention or ring bell.  All activity should stop and the teacher should be given your full attention.


    • Being on time means being in your seat when the bell rings (not running through the door as the bell rings).  I do enforce tardies, so please be on time.

     Teacher Desk and Chairs

    • Off limits to you unless given permission directly from Mrs. Breglio.
    • Do not crowd around teacher desks.  I need to be able to see the entire class at all times.

    I have read and discussed Mrs. Breglio’s classroom expectations with my child.  We understand the rules, requirements, and procedures for sixth grade.

    ______________________________       _________________________________

    Student Name (print)                          Student’s signature 

    ______________________________       _________________________________

    Parent/Guardian (print)                    Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature