How to Study

  • Steps to earning the grade you hope in Mrs. Sanford's class.

                                      Quizzes and Tests

    1)  Complete all assignments in class work assignments to the best of your ability.

    2)  Complete all assignments at home to the best of your ability.

    3)  Review notes from class daily for 10 minutes.

    4)  Ask an adult or family member to ask you questions from the notes.  

    5)  Get a good nights sleep the night before any quiz or test.

    6)  Enter class with a positive attitude before and during the quiz or test.

    7)  Answer all the questions for which you know the answer.

    8)  Use the quiz or test for answers to some questions.  There is lots of help and many answers are on the quiz or test.

    9)  Go back to the questions you were not quite sure of the answer.

    10)  Re-read the answers you marked on the quiz or test.  Do NOT change any answer unelss you are sure the first answer is incorrect.

    11)  Read your novel until everyone is finished

    12)  Grade your partners quiz or test properly, the way you would wnat to be graded.

    13)  Check your grade on Infinite Campus when the quiz or test has been posted to be sure your grade matches.



    1)  Listen as your tescher describes the project or assignment.

    2)  Look at examples of project or assignment.

    3)  Re-read the rubric  or directions when you get home before you start working on the project or assignment.

    4)  Begin working on the project or assignment and reveiw the rubric or directions for each section as necessary.

    5)  When you are finished, re-readt the rubric to be sure you incldued all necessary parts.

    6)  Ask a parent to read the rubric or directions to be sure you included all the necessary parts.

    7) Turn the project or assignment in on time.

    8) Check your grade on Infinite Campus when the project or assignment has been posted to be sure your gade matches.

Test Corrections:

  • Test Correction Form

    Beginning of the year up to Parent Conferences (FALL)

    1) Students performing below 70% may complete test / quiz corrections up to Parent Conferences in October for 1/2 point per correct answer.  

    2) The student's grade on the test / quiz is below a C-.

    3) Students must take the test / quiz home to show their parent / guardian and get a FULL SIGNATURE in ink from the parent / guardian on the test they plan to correct and return the test / quiz within a week after the test / quiz was taken

    4) Forms turned in late or without a parent signature will receive no points earned.  

    Parent Conferences until the end of the year

    No test corrections will be allowed.