• Alliance is the top Dance team at TVHS, and all students are enrolled in Advanced Dance. The team members must be well-rounded dancers, with the ability to perform in hip hop, lyrical/contemporary, and jazz. In this class, movement and instruction will be given rapidly by instructors/choreographers and fellow dance team members. Choreography is expected to be learned and performed without hesitation, regardless of style. Dancers must show their ability to dance and perform with force, commitment, integrity, and energy at ALL TIMES. Also, having your own style and learning that of others is a large focus with this group.

    ​This group will often create/learn multiple pieces in a given week and must be able to perform on the spot and remember the choreography for later performances even if those pieces are not rehearsed on a regular basis. All dancers on the team must have the ability to learn a large body of choreography and be able to perform it with accuracy within the same week OR even on the same day.

    Alliance members are expected to learn choreography quickly in order to keep up with their rigorous performance schedule, which includes performances at all home football games, basketball games, and pep rallies as well as the fall and spring dance concerts.

    Due to their multiple performances, Alliance has weekly practices with their coach Justin Bernardo. Additionally, Alliance often has to attend additional rehearsals dependent upon their various performances. 


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Alliance Performance, Rehearsal, and Class Schedule