AP (Advanced Placement) Exams


    April 3, 2020


    Most AP teachers and students College Board surveyed prefer to test earlier, while the content is still fresh.

    • Exams will be given from May 11-22
    • Makeup test dates will be available for each subject from June 1-5
    • Students can take exams at home or in schools, if they reopen.
    • Each subject's exam will be taken on the same day at the same time, worldwide
    • View the full testing schedule

    Exam Format

    Most exams will have one or two free-response questions, and each question will be timed separately. Students will need to write and submit their responses within the allotted time for each question.

    • Students will be able to take exams on any device they have access to-computer, tablet, or smartphone. They'll be able to type and upload their responses or write responses by hand and submit a photo via their cell phones.
    • For most subjects, the exams will be 45 minutes long, plus an additional 5 minutes for uploading. Students will need to access the online testing system 30 minutes early to get set up.
    • Certain courses-Art and Design: 2D; Art and Design: 3D; Computer Science Principles: Drawing; Research; and Seminar-will use portfolio submissions and will not have a separate online exam. All deadlines for these submissions have been extended to May 26, 2020, 11:59 p.m. ET. Teachers and students may receive separate course-specific communications.
    • Students taking world language and culture exams will complete two spoken tasks consistent with free-response questions 3 and 4 on the current AP Exam. Written responses will not be required. The College Board will provide additional details in the coming weeks to help students prepare.  

    Exam Scores and College Credit

    As usual, students' work will be scored by our network of college faculty and AP teachers, and will be reported on a 1-5 scale. We anticipate releasing scores as close to the usual July timeframe as possible.

    We're confident that the vast majority of higher ed institutions will award college credits as they have in the past. We've spoken with hundreds of institutions across the country that support our solution for this year's AP Exams.


    In Need of a Digital Device

    Don't have a device? Click Here prior to Monday, April 6.

    Following April 6, please email the appropriate administrator from the list below:



    March 24, 2020

    Beginning on Wednesday, March 25, you can attend free, live AP review courses, delivered by AP teachers from across the country. These courses:

    • Are optional, mobile-friendly, and can be used alongside any work your teacher may give you.
    • Will be available on-demand, so you can access them any time.
    • Will focus on reviewing the skills and concepts from the first 75% of the course. There will also be some supplementary lessons inclucing topcis from the final 25% of the course.

    To access the live classes and recordings, visit the AP YouTube channel or find your course schedule below. We'll be adding more courses soon.

    Download the daily schedule for 32 courses (.pdf/151 KB).

     For additional information from College Board on the Coronavirus, please visit: 



    March 20, 2020

    As schools and communities navigate the unprecedented challenges posed by the cornoavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the health and safety of educators and students are the AP Program's top priorities. Here's how we're supporting schools:
    We're providing free remote learning resources.  

    • We're investing in the development of a new at-home testing option.
    • Through our members across the country, we understand the new time constraints on everyone in the education community. These solutions are meant to be as simple and lightweight as possible for both students and teachers-without creating additional burdens for school learders during this time.

    Traditional face-to-face exam adminstrations will not take place.

    Some students may want to take the exam sooner rather than later, while the content is still fresh. Other students may want more time to practice. For each AP subject, there will be 2 different testing dates.

    The full exam schedule, specific free-response question types that will be on each AP Exam, and additional testing details will be available by April 3. We'll also unluck any relevant free-response questions in AP Classroom for digital use so students can access all practice questions of the type that will appear on the exam.


    About This Year's AP Exams

    Students remain eager to take AP Exams and to have a chance to earn credit and placement. We surveyed 18,000 AP students and 91% indicated they want to complete this important step, urging us not to cancel this opportunity they have been working toward. We'll continue to support students with free resources through exam day. And while we encourgage students to wait until closer to the test date to decide, any student already registered for an exam can choose to cancel at no charge.

      The AP Program will invest heavily over the next month in the following ways:For the 2019-20 exam adminstration only, students can take a 45-minute online exam at home. Educator-led development committees are currently slecting the exam questions that will be administered.


    • AP Curricula are locally developed and we defer to local decisions on how best to help students complete coursework. To be fair to all students, some of whom have lost more instructional time than others, the exam will only include topcis and skills most AP teachers and students have already covered in class by early March.


    Colleges support this solution and are committed to ensuring that AP students receive the credit they have worked this year to earn. For decades, colleges have accepted a shortened AP Exam for college credit when groups of students have experienced emergencies. Students will be able to take these streamlined exams on any device they have access to-computer, tablet, or smartphone. Taking a photo of handrwritten work will also be an option.

    We recognize that the digital divide could prevent some low-income and rural students from participating. Working with partners, we will invest so that these students have the tools and connectivity they need to review AP content online and take the exam. If your students need mobile tools or connectivity, you can reach out to us directly to let us know.


    Test security is a concern.

    The exam questions are designed and administered in ways that prevent cheating; we use a range of digital security tools and techniques, including plagiarism detection software, to protect the integrity of the exams.

    Scoring at-home work for a AP Exam is not new to the AP Program. For years the AP Program has received and scored at-home student work as part of the exams for the AP Computer Scicence Principles and AP Capstone courses.