• Foreign Exchange / International Enrollment

    Foreign Exchange

    As of January 1, 2024

    We Are NOT Accepting Applications for the 24-25 School Year.




    The Temecula Valley Unified School District (TVUSD) accepts a limited number of international exchange J-1 students into the district’s comprehensive high schools each year. No more than six international exchange students may be placed at each of the district’s comprehensive high schools. Please be advised that foreign exchange students with or seeking an F-1 visa designation shall not be admitted to a District program. 

    TVUSD observes all laws of the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement regarding visa students. For more information go to the U.S. State Department Visa Information. 

    Typically, requests for placement exceed openings and the criteria listed below are used in the selection and placement of international J-1 exchange students. 

    To learn more about district policies and regulations regarding the placement of foreign exchange students,                                                                                           please refer to TVUSD Board Policy 6145.63 and Administrative Regulation 6145.63.

    For additional information and to make arrangements for the placement of an international exchange student, please contact Student Welfare & Success, at (951) 506-7983. 

    For an alphabetical listing of approved international programs, go to the California Attorney General’s Registry. 


    • The fully completed application for admission/placement must be received by June 30th of the preceding school year, including a color copy of the current passport and applicable VISA.

    • Applications received after June 30th will not be considered for acceptance and placement for the following school year. (No students will be accepted in July, August, or September.)

    • No open enrollment (school of choice) is available. The student must attend the high school within the boundary of the host family’s residence.

    • Incomplete applications will not be considered and/or processed.

    • California law requires that ALL students provide FULL Proof of Immunizations compliance prior to enrollment. Failure to have all required immunizations will result in denial of the application. 

    • Students must be fluent in English; no language assistance will be available.

    • Students must enroll for the full year (two semesters).

    • The high school enrollment agreement must be filled out completely and must indicate the name and address of the host family, and must be signed by the host family. 

    • The selection and placement of international exchange students is weighed and balanced by country of origin to promote global awareness and diversity on each school campus.

    • The district provides opportunities for placement in a variety of exchange programs sanctioned by the Attorney General, giving those agencies an equal opportunity to place an international exchange student in one of the district’s comprehensive high schools. 

    • Once the application is approved and the High School Enrollment Agreement has been received and approved, the Agency must contact the host family to complete the required District New Enrollment and Registration.