Green Ribbon Schools

  • Is your school interested in applying to be a Green Ribbon School? If you are interested in applying, please contact us or you can find more information on the California Department of Education's website by follwing this link.  

    While the application process is extensive, with the final application being around 40 pages, there are District Office departments that can help you complete portions of it. 

    In 2016/2017, Great Oak High School was the first school in Riverside County to receive the award in the program's history! We've now added eight more schools to this list: Rancho Vista High, Temecula Valley High, Margarita Middle, Barnett Elementary, Crowne Hill Elementary, LaVorgna Elementary, Paloma Elementary and Red Hawk Elementary! Temecula Valley Unified School District also received a GOLD award during the 2019/2020 school year.

    You can find past winners of the award on the website linked above and you can learn more about TVUSD's past winners below! Keep in mind that there are simple steps you can take this year that will help you score better in the future as well! 

  • Find out more about our schools that have won previously!