Healthy Children Learn Better!

  • Jenica Luz, LVN



  • Dena Tylman, Site Nurse


  • Notes from the Health Office

    We believe that healthy students learn better and we work hard to ensure that all students have access to a healthy school environment every day. In order to do so, we need our families to follow and understand our practices.


    Our Health Office is overseen by our nurse, Shannon Quan, and managed daily by our Health Clerk, Jennifer Thompson.  Should your child become ill or hurt while at school, we will attend to his or her needs immediately. While it is our goal to care for students and get them back off to class, we acknowledge there are times when the care students need is outside of our capabilities.  In the event that this happens, you will be contacted to pick up your child from school. You must come to pick up your child IMMEDIATELY, both for his or her protection and also for the protection of the other students and staff. We realize this may be an inconvenience, but our primary concern is the safety of all students and our decision-making in the Health Office will always be to do what is best for each child.


    Due to unexpected illnesses and emergencies, current work, home, and cell phone numbers are vitally important to our school. Please take the time to update any changes in your personal phone numbers and emergency contact numbers in Infinite Campus. If you have any questions about this information, please contact Kim Harvick in the Front Office.


    If your child is sick, he or she needs to remain at home.  Please do not send your child to school if there has been:

    • Vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hours
    • A fever of 100 degrees or higher in the last 24 hours
    • Obvious severe cold symptoms (sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, persistent cough, or sore throat)
    • Itchy, burning, bloodshot, or draining eyes (These could be symptoms of “pink eye” which is highly contagious and needs to be treated by a doctor)
    • A rash or other questionable symptoms


    If your child has been sick, your student must meet the following to return to school:

    • Fever free for 24 hours
    • No vomiting for the last 24 hours
    • Infectious Conjunctivitis (pink eye) when antibiotic treatment has been administered for at least 24 hours and ​​​​symptoms ​​​​have subsided.


    When it is necessary for your child to take medication (either prescription or over the counter) during the school day, it is REQUIRED that you and your physician complete a district form in order for the Health Office to administer the medication.  These forms are available in the Health Office. All medication must be brought to the Health Office in the original container and will be locked in the nurse’s cabinet. Without exception, students may not bring any medication to school.  What may have a medicinal value to one student may be lethally poisonous to another.


    Lice is a very common problem.  It happens much more frequently than you might imagine.  If you suspect your child has lice, have him or her examined and notify the Health Office. Lice will not go away on its own, it needs to be treated. If your child has lice, he or she needs to be cleared by the Health Office before returning to school.


    If your child sustains an injury at home that will impact his/her ability to learn, play, and interact with peers during the school day, you need to notify the office immediately.  Our Health Office will review your doctor’s orders and notify staff of any restrictions your child will have while at school. A designated lunch table will be established each day for injured students and our Noon Duties will be monitoring injured students throughout the lunch period.  Injured students will be permitted one friend per day to eat with at this table. After eating is completed, the injured student and friend will be given a game to play. All injured students are expected to follow this procedure until doctor’s orders release them to school activities without restrictions.  Any injured students that cannot follow this procedure will be referred to the office for disciplinary action.

    Thank you for helping keep our school healthy and safe.