We do it all to support staff & students!

  • Office Hours

    Monday - Friday

    8:00 am - 4:00 pm



    Attendance Line

    Is your child is absent, please call the attendance line at your earliest convenience to notify the office.



    To schedule an appointment with our Site Administration, please contact the Site Secretary.


Front Office Staff

  • Kimberly Harvick, Attendance Clerk

    Kellie Standing Warrior, Site Secretary

    Craig Goodin, Custodian

    Jenica Luz, LVN

    Avalyn Reasol, Nurse

Site Support Staff

  • Tricia Pierce, Library Media Tech

    Antoinette Smith, Library Support

    Dana Polhill, Literacy Specialist

    Jeniffer Perales, Math Specialist

    Austin Cisneros, School Psychologist

    Lauren Moreno, Social Worker

    Ashley Solorio, Behavioral Health Therapist

    Katja Alexis, Tier II Behavioral Assistant

    Dita Lumahan, Instructional Aide II

    Mitra Rahnama, Instructional Aide II

    Diane McLingberg, RSP Instructional Aide II

    Lisa Rudy, RSP Instructional Aide II

    Vanessa Rosas, RSP Instructional Aide II

    Meghan Winter, BHSA

    Yannet Gonzalez, BHSA

    Lisa Castellanos, BHSA

    Sidney Mason, BHSA

    Monique Watts, ABIA

    Helleigh Johnson, ABIA

    Pamela Chavez, ABIA

    Deborah Garner, ABIA

    Cami Favorite, Instructional Aide II

    Rebecca Siminou, Instructional Aide II

    Tais Perez, Instructional Aide II

    Jenylyn Carpio, Instructional Aide III 

    Debbie Ellis, Child Nutrition

    Virginina Guerrero Martinez, TK Aide

    Emilia Cervantes, TK Aide

    Courtney Boyle, Noon Duty Aide

    Kim Nuques, Noon Duty Aide

    Jennifer Roberts, Noon Duty Aide