Class Description

  • Biology is a preparatory course that emphasizes ecology, cellular biology, evolution and genetics.   We will begin with exploring  the cell - its structure, life processes and how it divides.  Finally, we will discover how traits are inherited based on Mendelian genetics.


    The second semester begins with investigating the way that DNA controls the traits you possess and how the cells read and interpret this DNA code.  We then progress to studying how evolutionary processes has changed the populations of organisms that inhabit the earth and finally how these populations of organisms interact with each other and with the non-living parts of the earth in ecology. 




Class Policies - Makeup Work

  • Regular attendance makes it much easier for you to complete your assignments. This is especially true for labs, group work and hands-on activities that are difficult to make up. But if you must be absent, take any of the following steps to be sure you are caught up.
    On line
    1. Click on the day you were absent on the calendar.  Makeup work for that day will pop up.
    2. Complete the makeup assignment listed for the days you were absent
    3. When you return, turn in your makeup work and any assignments that were collected during your absence, or if you prefer you may also email me the work.
    By e-mail:
    E-mail  Please include your first and last name and the dates of absence.
     If you don’t have internet access:
    Request your makeup work in writing including your first and last nameperiod number and dates of absence. Any work you missed will be attached to your note and returned to you the next day for you to complete.  
    You have one day per day of absence to make up missed work.  Any work received after that time will be considered late.
     Check your grades on-line to make sure that makeup work has been recorded correctly.  In case of errors, present the original graded paper so that the grade can be recorded.  For this reason, always keep all assignments.

Class Policies - Grading Policy

  • Grades reflect student mastery of curricular material.  Scholarship grades are based on a point system as follows:

              90-100% = A               80-89% = B                 
              70-79% = C                 69% and below = F
    Grading will be based on the points earned points earned through assessments that include performance assessments such as projects and lab reports, as well as tests and quizzes. Students usually have the opportunity to finish work begun in class for homework and generally, the assignments are due the following day. 

    Grades will be assessed in the following manner:

    • Lab Activities and Projects                                                         35%
    • Tests and Quizzes                                                                     30%
    • Final Exam                                                                                 15%
    • Homework, Classwork, and Participation                                   20%
    • Extra Credit                                                                   no more than 5%
    Grades will be updated on Infinite Campus. Please check that your grades are up-to-date and correct each week.  PARENTS:  PLEASE CHECK YOUR CHILD’S GRADES ONLINE WEEKLY SINCE NO PRINTOUTS OTHER THAN THE MID-SEMESTER AND FINAL GRADE REPORTS WILL BE SENT HOME (UNLESS REQUESTED). Contact me by e- mail at tradojcic as soon as possible if your records do not agree with mine.  You will be asked to present the original graded assignment for any corrections to be made.  For this reason, it is important to keep all your returned assignments.