Math 8 Grading Scale

  • Grading Scale - Accelerated 8:

    Grades are based on the following percentage breakdown as adopted by all of BVMS teachers.
    I round up on all assignments, quizzes and tests.

    94 - 100 A = Superior work, very few errors.
    90 - 93   A-
    87 - 89*   B+ = Above average work, some errors within grade level.
    84 - 86   B
    80 - 83   B-
    77 - 79*   C+ = Average and adequate, doing grade level work, many errors and possibly missing some assignments.
    74 - 76   C
    70 - 73   C-
    67 - 69*   D+ = Below average work, many errors not expected at this grade level, grade may be due to missing assignments.
    64 - 66   D  
    60 - 65   D-
    59 - below F = Indicates serious problems, possibly too many missing assignments, poor study skills and work habits or sometimes lack of responsibility for making up work or a test. 

    *Note:  At the end of each semester I will look at grades individually and based on work habits will possibly round an 89% to a 90%, a 79% to an 80%, or a 69% to a 70%.

  • Credit Scoring:

    On some assignments you may receive a credit grade.  Here are what they mean:

    + Credit = 100% - You did above and beyond what was asked.  You possibly showed two ways to solve the problem, did extra problems, or just did an all around outstanding job.  I can see you corrected your solutions online.

    Credit = 90% - You did a great job of what was asked.  You may not have gotten them all correct, but I can see you checked your solutions online and corrected the ones you got wrong.

    - Credit = 80% - You did what was asked, but may have skipped a few problems or not shown all the work.  I cannot see that you checked your solutions online since you did not go back and complete the ones you skipped.

    Inc Credit = 65% - You did not complete the assignment and you did not check your solutions online.  Or you did not show all of your work when the directions asked for all steps to be shown.

    No Credit = 55% - You did not do more than half of the assignment and you did not check your solutions online.

    Missing = 50% - You did not turn in the assignment or turn it in.