Academic Integrity - What is it?

  • Honesty is valued at BVMS.  Our school has a fundamental obligation to promote, model, and otherwise educate students about the importance of this basic character value.  Administrators, faculty, staff, and students should practice and emphasize integrity and ethical conduct in all relationships and situations.

    Cheating of any kind while completing course requirements (e.g., taking assessments, completing papers/projects/assignments) is a personal violation of the high standard of behavior we strive to maintain.

    The intent of this policy is to support the school’s efforts to encourage honesty and ethical conduct throughout the campus.

    NOTE:  Students who provide information to other students shall be considered as culpable as the students who benefit from it.

    “So, What is considered to be CHEATING?”

    1. Giving assignments (classwork or homework) to another student to copy.
    2. Coping the answers and/or work and considering them your own.
    3. Asking a student from a previous period about the quiz/test before you have class.
    4. Sharing quiz/test questions with students in other classes during passing periods, break or lunch.
    5. Talking to classmates about quiz/test questions during a quiz/test.
    6. Sharing calculators during a quiz/test.
    7. Using sources (other than your brain) during a quiz/test.
    8. Using the restroom and looking up information on your cell phone during a quiz/test.
    9. Removing a quiz/test from the classroom.
    10. Failing to turn in a quiz/test.

    Please remember:

    The purpose of school is to LEARN, not just to PASS.