Chapter Test Retakes

  • All retakes must be completed by
    First Semester: Friday, December 8th, 2023
    Second Semester: Friday, May 17th, 2024

  • When can I take a chapter retake?
    Once you have completed the requirements on the Request to Retest, see me at break and we will schedule a time during 7th period. Sorry, I do not do re-takes or corrections before or after school.

    Can I retake a retake?
    No, not at this time.  If you choose to re-take a test you get one chance.

    Can I use my chapter test on the retake?
    You may come in during break and see your original test anytime.  You will need to study and use just your brain like you did on the original test.  You cannot use the original test on the retake.

    Can I re-take a quiz?
    No, sorry.  Quizzes are worth much less than a test and there are no corrections or retakes.  If your chapter test score is higher than your quiz score, I will change your quiz score to be the same as your test score.

    Can I re-take district performance task or semester final?
    No, sorry.  District assessments do not have retakes.  The district performance task is worth 2.5% of your overall grade and the semester final is worth 2.5% of your overall grade.  District assessments total 5% of your overall grade.

    Can I raise my old test grade to 100%?
    No, but you can raise your chapter test grade up to an 93% or A-.

    How do I figure out my quiz or test grade?
    All of your grades are given as points scored over points possible.

    15 <-- how many points you scored
    20 <-- how many points possible

    Divide your score by the points possible. This is easiest on a calculator.

    Push the following keys on the calculator in this order...
    15 ÷ 20 = this will give you 0.75 ... or 75%

    94-100% = A
    90-93% = A-
    87-89% = B+
    84-86% = B
    80-83% = B-
    77-79% = C+
    74-76% = C
    70-73% = C-
    67-69% = D+
    64-66% = D
    60-63% = D-
    59% and below = F

    Why is this so much work?  Are there retakes in high school and college?
    I want you to know the material and be ready for future math classes.  This is a fair way to better your grade in the class.  There are no retakes in real life.  High school will very likely have few chances for retakes and there will be likely no retakes in college.  Use this year to figure out how you study best so you can be successful in high school.