Math 8 Information

  • In Class Daily

    • 3 ring binder (at least 1 inches) dedicated to math only - label with Full Name, Period and Math 8
    • A second 3 ring binder (at least 1 inches) dedicated to math only, stored at home, to replace 1st semester’s binder and hold old work.
    • 1 set of 8 dividers for binder (8 total dividers - we will label these and no pocket folder dividers - you may want a second set for second semester)
    • Supply of loose leaf 8.5 x 11 graph paper (quadrille paper)
    • Supply of loose leaf 8.5 x 11 lined paper (in case you run out of graph paper)
    • Red pens (for correcting)
    • Clear protractor or small ruler
    • Simple, inexpensive scientific calculator marked with your name (it needs to have √ and a +/- sign) - you will not be allowed to use your cell phone calculator in class
    • Sharpened pencils with erasers (or mechanical pencils with extra lead and erasers)
    • Headphones or earbuds
    • Colored pencils (for note taking)
    • Scissors
    • Highlighter (for highlighting your solutions and studying your notes)
    • Face mask (breathable covering for your nose and mouth)
    • A chapter book or silent reading book
    • ... and most importantly, a positive attitude!

    At Home:

    • Three hole punch (to keep your papers organized in your binder)
    • Additional loose leaf 8.5 x 11 graph paper and loose leaf 8.5 x 11 lined paper
    • Additional pencils and red pens


    Want a link to an easy Amazon Shopping List?  

    Need a list that will shop for you at Target, Walmart, Office Depot or Staples?
    (These are not as perfect since they are uploaded through Teacher Lists.)

  • Textbook and Workbook:
    McGraw Hill Glencoe, Math 8 California Math Common Core Edition, 2015
    (There is no textbook for Math 8.  The workbook pages are your textbook, notes and homework pages.)

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  • Students are always welcome to come in at break for help.  They may also come at break and ask for a 7th Period pass for more help that day.  Students are welcome to come and go as they need to.  Bring questions, work and problems!

    Please also see the Math 8 Video Tutorials.