• Welcome to Fiscal Services/Payroll

    Fiscal Services receives and deposits the majority of the district's funds each year, sets up and monitors the budget, reconciles statements, pays bills, provides for audits, processes payroll and reimbursements, submits reports to various agencies, supports site-level staff in the management of their fiscal resources and publishes major budget reports such as the interim reports.

  • Hours of Operation

    7:30am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday

Fiscal Services

Name Title Phone/Email
Nicole Lash, CPA Director of Fiscal Services (951) 506-7942 nlash@tvusd.us
Brenda Malick Coordinator, Fiscal Services (951) 506-7941 bmalick@tvusd.us
Voula Boyer Administrative Assistant II (951) 294-6279 vboyer@tvusd.us

Accounting Staff

Name Title Phone/Email Responsibilities
Cindy Estrada Accountant (951) 506-7084 cestrada@tvusd.us Facilities & Construction
Courtney Fingerlin Accountant (951) 506-7906 cfingerlin@tvusd.us HRD, IMS, SWS, Risk, Purchasing, & MOTSS Dept. Budgets; Deferred Maintenance; Field Trip Requests; CTE & Perkins
Michelle Flander Accountant (951) 506-7076 mflander@tvusd.us Categorical Programs; ESS Department Budget; Banking Contact
Michelle Gibson Accountant (951) 294-6228 mgibson@tvusd.us Position Control / Staffing
Cheryl Gray Accountant (951) 506-7959 cgray@tvusd.us Elementary Site Budgets, Donation & Fee Accounts; Attendance Accounting; Adult Ed; Charter Schools; BASES
Sandy Navarro Accountant (951) 506-7918 snavarro@tvusd.us Child Nutrition
Lucio Villegas Accountant (951) 506-7993 lvillegas@tvusd.us ASB Accounting; Middle / High School Site Budgets, Donation & Fee Accounts
Connie Mueller Accounting Specialist (951) 506-7074 cmueller@tvusd.us Stipends; Galaxy Access; Mini Grants
Michelle Swanson Accounting Specialist (951) 506-7066 mswanson@tvusd.us Facilities; Utilities
Denise Yarbrough Accountant (951) 294-6291 dyarbrough@tvusd.us Special Education

Accounts Payable/Receivable

Name Title Phone/Email Responsibilities
Linda Callella Account Clerk III (951) 506-7935 lcallell@tvusd.us Vendors Q-Z; Employee Mileage Q-Z
Trisha Jacobs Account Clerk III (951) 294-6258 tjacobs@tvusd.us Vendors A-G; Employee Mileage A-G; Travel & Conference
Connie Bemiller Account Clerk III (951) 506-7943 cbemiller@tvusd.us Vendors H-P; Employee Mileage H-P; Employee Reimbursements; Refunds (all except Child Nutrition)
Jean Clement Account Clerk III (951) 506-7936 jclement@tvusd.us Cash Receipts / Accounts Receivable; Petty Cash; RVHS & Elementary ASB Accounts Payable & Bank Reconciliations; Receipt Books

Payroll Staff

Name Title Phone/Email Responsibilities
Belinda Ribao Payroll Specialist (951) 506-7939 bribao@tvusd.us Certificated A-K
Shawna Jennings Payroll Specialist (951) 506-7938 sjennings@tvusd.us Certificated L-Z
Becky Utter Payroll Specialist (951) 506-7073 butter@tvusd.us Classified A-K; Transportation A-K
Alison Bruce Payroll Specialist (951) 506-7069 abruce@tvusd.us Classified L-Z; Transportation L-Z
Fiscal Services Fax (951) 695-7387


Name Title Phone/Email Responsibilities
Shelly Lopiccollo Community Service Facility Technician (951) 506-7018 slopiccollo@tvusd.us Facilities Use
Tanya Chandler Assistant Bookkeeper (951) 294-6280 tchandler@tvusd.us Middle School ASB Assistant Bookkeeper
Elizabeth Dixon Assistant Bookkeeper (951) 294-6280 edixon@tvusd.us Middle School ASB Assistant Bookkeeper
Fiscal Services Fax (951) 695-7387