Special Education Directory

  • Phone: (951) 506-7981     Fax: (951) 695-7335

    31350 Rancho Vista Rd., Building 14, Temecula, CA 92592

    Kimberly Velez  - Assistant Superintendent of Student Services - Special Education (SELPA)
    Breck Hilton  - Assistant Director - Special Education (SELPA)
    Ami Paradise  - Assistant Director - Special Education (SELPA)
    Kimberly Myers  - Administrative Assistant I
    Suzanne Ellis  - MAA/LEA Billing Specialist
    Gisella Brosche  - Program Specialist
    Steve Israel - Program Specialist
    Elizabeth Elliott - Program Specialist
    Amy Ramos - Program Specialist
    Gwen Riley  - Program Specialist
    Suzanne Lazerus  - Nurse, Special Education
    Karen Igo  - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Itinerant Teacher
    Lilian Carrera  - District Translator/Interpreter
    Lucy Heid  - Clerk III
    Jamie Serrano  - Clerk I
    Nicole Prior  - Clerk III

    Dianne Cooper - A.P.E. Specialist
    Colin Dowey  - A.P.E. Specialist 
    Katie Hairabedian  - A.P.E. Specialist 
    Nicole Lombardi-Risen  - A.P.E. Specialist 
    Tricia Roddy - A.P.E. Specialist 

    Leticia Del Moral  - Autism Coordinator - Special Education
    Alba Pineda - Autism Specialist
    Tara Boland - Board Certified Behavior Analyst
    Spring Siaw - School Psychologist
    Diana Bloom - Lead Autism Behavior Intervention Assistant
    Myhanh Chang - Lead Autism Behavior Intervention Assistant

    Angel Toner  - Coordinator - Behavioral Health
    Amy Ramos -Program Specialist - Behavioral Health
    Nick Bustos  - Behavioral Health Therapist 
    Ashley Daab  - Behavioral Health Therapist 
    Cassandra Apple  - Behavioral Health Therapist
    Angelina Warner  - Behavioral Health Therapist 
    Kimberly Jensen  - Behavioral Health Support Specialist 
    Jonathan Sorbello  - Behavioral Health Support Specialist 
    Misty Walker  - Behavioral Health Support Specialist 
    Tara Boland - Behavioral Health Analyst
    Greg Nunne - Psychologist
    Lori Ruziska  - Psychologist
    Tanya Sybert - Behavioral Health Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)
    Adrienne Mendez - Behavioral Health Technician

    Alexis Stoniea  - Special Education Administrator on Special Assignment
    Denise Dugger  - LCAP Supplemental Support Specialist
    Rachel Medwid  - LCAP Supplemental Support Specialist
    Linda Norton - LCAP Supplemental Support Specialist

    Kimberly Myers - Administrative Assistant I - (SELPA) 
    Denise Yarbrough  - Accountant 
    Suzanne Eliis  - MAA/LEA Billing Specialist 
    Pam Sorensen  - Software and Database Specialist
    Anna Cafaro  - Student Information Systems Assistant 

    Kimberly Ames  - Occupational Therapist 
    Jill Cellona  - Occupational Therapist 
    Anna Dowey  - Occupational Therapist 
    Lindsey Scheffel  - Occupational Therapist 
    Stacie Soro  - Occupational Therapist 
    Sara Weingartner  - Occupational Therapist 
    Kristy Talavera  - Physical Therapist 
    Michelle Burnette  - Certificated Occupational Therapist
    Cora Martin  - Certificated Occupational Therapist 
    OPEN  - Certificated Occupational Therapist 

    Jenniffer Aynesworth -Principal - Alamos Elementary
    Cyndi Alvarado  - Assistant Principal - Alamos Elementary
    Mary Dolan-Jimenez  - Intervention Administrator - Alamos Elementary
    Adrienne Blackburn  - Principal - Helen Hunt Jackson Elementary School
    Jeana Utech  - Intervention Administrator - Helen Hunt Jackson Elementary 
    Shannon McDonald  - Clerk II - Preschool at Jackson Elementary
    Heather Quinlan  - Clerk II - Preschool at Alamos Elementary

    Bridget Dillon-Denton  - Transition Services Specialist 
    Itza Chavira  - Job Developer