• The Faculty, Staff and Administration believe that regular attendance plays a key role in the success a student achieves in school. We recognize it is a responsibility under law to ensure that students attend school on a regular basis. Parents / Guardians of our students are responsible for sending their children to school full-time.  


    Students need to check in with the attendance office when arriving 30+ minutes after their first class of the day. If students do not check in at attendance, the student's absence will not be cleared even if a parent has called in to excuse the absence. 

    Please be advised that we do not accept walk-ins or call in checkouts for the last 30 minutes of the normal school day which would be 3:00pm or on Early Release Wednesdays,which would be 1:45pm. If you know that you will need to check your student out after 3pm, please call 951 695-7300 ext. 25003 at least 2 hours in advance to check your student out OR send a note with your student. Please DO NOT leave a message on the 24 hour absence recorder to check your student out. Remind your student to come to the Attendance Office before class, during break, at lunch or during passing periods to pick up his or her pass.


    Parent/Guardians have 15 days from the date of the initial absence to change the truant mark to the correct reason for the absence (ie: illness, doctor/dental/ortho appt., personal business, etc.)  To change the mark from truant to the actual reason for the absence the parent or guardian needs to do one of the following:  Call the 24 hour Attendance Line @ 951-695-7315 to report the reason for the absence, come into the Attendance Office to address the reason for the absence or send a note with your student to give to attendance briefly explaining the reason for the absence.

    If the truant mark remains after 15 days the student's name is sent to Campus Supervision and will possibly be given a Saturday School.


    The Governing Board, as authorized by Ed. Code 44808.5, has established a closed campus at all TVUSD schools.  Once a student arrives on school ground, he/she must remain on school grounds until the end of the school day,  Students may not leave campus for lunch. Students may not have other students from others schools visit at any time.


    Please give the office at least a 2 hour notice, or call in the morning on the day of the absence to check your student out.  Please advise your student to go to the Attendance Office window to pick-up an off campus pass before school, at break, lunch or between classes.  Your student will be instructed to meet you outside by the circular drive-way in front of the Administration Office.
    The Attendance office does accept notes to leave. Please call our Attendance Office at 951-695-7300 ext. 25003 to check your student out.
    If you check out your student without advanced notice, please be aware that your wait time can take 20 minutes or more to locate your student.


    A parent/guardian needs to clear all absences by either:

    1. A phone call to our ATTENDANCE 24-HOUR LINE @ 951-695-7315

               When leaving a message please remember to leave the following information:

    • Students's full legal name (we have many students with the same or very similar names)
    • Grade
    • Reason for absence
    • Your relationship to the student
    • A phone number where we can reach you

          2.  A note to our Attendance Office

          3.  Click on the Non-Covid and Covid links located on the left side of the attendance page. 

          4.  Or a visit to our Attendance Office (please remember to bring your ID)

    We must receive one of these within 48 hours of your students' absence.  After 48 hours if we have not heard from a parent/guardian, all absences will then be marked as TRUANT.


    Students who are late to school, arriving after 8:30am but before 9am, need to report directly to class.  These tardies are handled by the classroom teacher.*

    If arriving after 9:00am, students are considered tardy-truant and they must check in at the Attendance Office - they'll receive a tardy slip.  If they come in with a note from a parent/guardian it's an excused tardy.*  If they do not have a note they may bring one in the following day or a parent may call us to clear or excuse the tardy-truant.

    *Please note: regarding an excused tardy slip from the Attendance Office OR a note given to the teacher from the student (if arriving before 9am) it is the individual teachers' discretion to accept a note or tardy slip as "excused".  If excused tardy is denied by the teacher, it's usually due to too many notes and/or tardies.


    If a student's absence is excused under Education Code 48205, he/she shall be allowed to complete any missed assignment or test that can be reasonably given, as determined by the teacher of that class.  The student shall be given full credit for the assignment or test if he/she satisfactorily completes the assignment or test within a reasonable period of time. (Education Code 48205)


    During testing times the Attendance Office cannot interrupt class to release students. Please plan ahead by giving the Attendance Office at least 1-2 hours notice that you will need your student released.

    The Attendance Office cannot interrupt classrooms to release students.  Please arrange for your student to go to the Attendance window and pick up their pass to leave between classes, at break or lunch.  


    When a student has had more than 14 absences in the school year for illness verified by methods listed (see Board Policy 5113ar) any further absences for illness shall be verified by a physician.

    Excused absences from school shall be excused only for health reasons, family emergencies and justifiable personal reasons, (see absence and excuses Board Policy 5113ar), as permitted by law, Board Policy, and administrative regulations. (Education Code 48205)


  • Attendance Office Hours: 7:30am - 4:00pm

    (951) 695-7300 x 25003

    24 Hour Attendance Voicemail: (951) 695-7315
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