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    This is a lecture on study skills...it's really good and only one hour long!  You could watch it in two half-hour blocks.  It's totally worth it!

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  • DID YOU KNOW????

    • IB diploma candidates outperform their peers when they go to college by a full .5 gpa point?  That's a 3.5 instead of a 3.0 where it really matters
    • The UC system gives 30 credits for a score of 30 on the diploma?  That is basically your freshman year, saving you $30-35 thousand dollars
    • You can add in your AP units, so 85% of our IB kids start about 1/2 way through their sophomore year of college
    • IB diploma candidates are more likely to access the most competitive UC's and selective colleges
    • Our IB pass rate for almost all classes is over 90%
    • Our rate of students getting the IB diploma was 100% last year, and runs in the low 90 percentile usually
    • The IB diploma can count as an automatic scholarship in Washington and Oregon, and can count as the freshman year in its entirety in many states
    • IB is only 20 dollars more per exam than AP
    • IB has no multiple choice and gives students much more time on the exams, along with work in class that counts toward their exam score. This makes it ideal for a good student who is willing to work with the teacher .  IB is for the 'academically able'




    All seniors attending a college next year need to fill out this form to ensure that scores are sent to their school of choice.

    2021 IB Student College Choice


    You can order your IB gear for graduation on the GOHS Bookstore.  

    This link should take you to the "New Products" page where you will find them.

    Full diploma students can get a stole and tassel 

    Any student in even one IB course can order a tassel

    Senior Stuff Video

    Every IB student received a page detailing how to access and check scores for May 2020.  It was done in the classroom, in the library for those who missed it, and then by personal call up.  If all of that failed the sheet was sent to the student in class along with the directions.  So please do the following to find your sheet:
    1.  You were given a hard copy, and a copy was put into your google folder I shared with you.  If you can access your google folder, you can still find it there.  
    2.  You were asked to take a picture of it and save it to your phone.  Then, because 50% will lose or change your phone, you were asked to send a copy to the parent or guardian who would hang onto it.  Check your phone and check with that person.
    3.  You were asked to email it to yourself.  If you were a senior you were asked explicitly to email it to your PERSONAL email as your school email may no longer be available.
    If you didn't do any of those things, please email me on or before July 19th.  On the 19th I will respond to all of these requests at once, so I am not doing it one at a time, which is tedious.  
    TOK/EE Pending:
    For some reason the TOK/EE total is pending.  I have contacted the IB to find out why.  However, all of you appear to have scores for these, so you can figure out your points on the grid. You can also just total your points to have an idea about your diploma status.  I have included a link to the powerpoint we went over a number of times with this information to help you set your mind at ease.  
    I have ordered your IB scores sent to the college you chose on the survey.  You should be able to see this in your portal.  75% of colleges receive scores electronically.  They then have to access them and go in and update your college transcript with any credits due.  If you have decided to take a gap year and then go next year, you may want to contact your college and ask what to do in this case.  
    If you are unhappy with a score you make retake an exam in the November session.  As the pandemic in America does not appear to be decreasing at this time, I have no idea what that will look like.  Once all of the scores are out and you have contacted your college, you can determine whether or not this is something you would like to do.  I will get more info to you as I have it very soon.
    You cannot challenge a score on an internal, but I can challenge the entire group if they are heavily moderated.  Your instructors and I will be determining if that would be a good course of action. This is important because results can move either way, and if they change them, they move for all students affected, not just chosen students. For external exams you can challenge scores.  There is a process for this involving payment.  Once the decision is made, if they move your score up you don't have to pay, but if it remains the same you do.  If you are interested in this you can let me know and we will look at the score breakdown to make the best decision. The breakdowns are not available until July 10th.
    That's all I can think of for now.  Contact me directly if you have a different concern and I can share the response with everyone!