• Makeups and Absences

    Students that miss a run day (Wednesday or Mile) can make it up during class once they return. RUN DAYS AND FITNESS TESTS MAY NOT BE MADE UP AT HOME. Non-run or activity days days can be made up at home by exercising for 20-30 minutes and emailing the activity information to the teacher. ALL MAKEUPS MUST BE COMPLETED WITHIN 10 SCHOOL DAYS. Please contact your teacher for any exceptions/accommodations.


    Run Days/Physical Fitness Tests

    Students will run on Wednesdays (20 min). In addition, they will run one mile per month. Students' physical fitness will be formally assessed at least twice a year (once at the beginning and once at the end). Informal physical fitness assessments will be ongoing. The tests are: Pushups, Sit-Ups, Mile Run, Sit and Reachand Trunk Lift.


    Parent Notes (See Form to the Right)

    Students can be excused from participating in P.E. for up to 3 days with a parent note or by communicating with their teacher the need to be excused. (ie not feeling well or injured) HOWEVER, STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO MAKE UP ANY ASSIGNMENTS MISSED WHILE OUT! If a student needs to be out longer than 3 days, a doctor's note is required.


    Doctor Notes

    Doctor notes will be followed as prescribed. Students who are not allowed to participate at all in Physical Education activities per the doctor's orders will be sent to the library. Students do not have to make up days missed while out with a doctor's note, but may receive a NO-MARK for the course if out more than 12 days (first grading period) or 25 (semester).


    Dressing Out/ Locker Room Information

    Students must dress out for Physical Education.  Any athletic clothing (athletic shorts,leggings, sweats,  t-shirt long enough to tuck in and athletic shoes) can be chosen by the student to change into.  ASB sells spirit wear that students may choose to purchase to wear as well. Students will be issued a lock and locker to secure all valuables while in class.  Students may also choose to bring their own lock but must share the combination with the teacher. Physical Education teachers will not be responsible for any lost items.  Students are responsible for turning in the school issued lock at the end of the year.  If locks are lost, students will be asked to bring $6.00 to replace it.   STUDENTS WHO CREATE UNSAFE CONDITIONS IN THE LOCKER ROOM WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO USE IT!  

    Please look for any lost items in the P.E. lost and found (located in the P.E. offices) as we accumulate a lot of items as the year progresses.



    While each teacher's grading style/system may vary slightly, students will earn points based on their effort, participation, and attitude. Every P.E. teacher at VRMS believes that dressing out for class each day is essential in order to create a safe learning environment and maintain personal hygiene. Please contact your teacher with any specific questions you might have regarding your child's grade.