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  • Mrs. Crisp
    4th Grade Teacher

    (951) 695-4260 x3045

  • PAWS Buddies

    A peer buddy program that promotes inclusion and acceptance among all students, especially those students with special needs. 

    We are proud to say that due to some exceptionally dedicated and caring individuals, PAWS has already had an overwhelmingly positive impact throughout our entire student population! Not only has this program fostered many new friendships, assisted in building meaningful relationships, promoted tolerance, encouraged acceptance, but it has also improved self-esteem and given a new sense of self-worth to many of the students involved.  

 Photo Description: PAWS Buddies smiling with their hands in the air.
 Photo Description: A banner thanking the Buddies with signatures on it.
 Photo Description: Buddies standing on the school stage.
 Photo Description: Buddies at the lunch tables.