• Here are some cool places that you can visit as a family and learn more about science. Please let us know if you discover other places!

    Birch Aquarium

    Great exhibits featuring the marine life from a variety of ecosystems. Also has a hands-on tide pool exhibit and an interpretative center featuring issues on global warming and oceanography. They feature monthly lectures on the second Monday of every month on issues that deal with global warming. Its best to call the aquarium in advance as some events require reservations.

    San Diego Zoo

    Wild Animal Park

    Both of the Zoological Society's centers are great to explore the diversity of animal life throughout the world. It also has summer programs that are great for younger students.

    Reuben H Fleet Science Center

    Has an IMAX that shows a variety of films dealing with subjects that include, but are not restricted to science topics. The hands-on science museum is fun for all ages and is a great way to enrich everyone's knowledge of physics.

    San Diego Museum of Natural History

    Has great exhibits that range from ecology, paleontology and biology. They also house traveling exhibits so keep an eye out for those! They also host evening lectures by local scientists that speak on a variety of topics.

    Long Beach Aquarium

    TAKE A JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY through the work's largewts ocean at the Aquarium of teh Pacific in Long Beack, California. Explore their exhibits and discover sunny Southern California and Baja, the frigid waters of the North Pacific, and teh colorful reefs of the tropical Pacific. Come face-to-face with, and even touch, the ocean's ultimate predators in Shark Lagoon.

    Los Angeles Museum of Natural History

    This museum has many hands on exhibits and also hosts traveling exhibits. It is located right next to a science center that has an IMAX as well as a science museum.

    Whale Watching trips

    There are many of these tours available - I've tried these and they do a good job although what you get to see is a matter of luck. We have already done two whale watching trips that Mr. Hunter arranged at Bella Vista.

    Dana Point Captain Dave's Dolphin and Whale Safari
    Oceanside Helgren's Sportfishing
    San Diego Horn Blower Cruises and Events

    Western Center for Archaeology and Paleontology

    A close by museum that is a good supplement for the 7th grade curriculum. You can see fossils found during the construction of the Diamond Lake reservoir and the movie is great.

    Desert Ecology: Anza Borrego State Park

    Has a great visitor's center that features information about desert ecology (as well as history).

    Vernal Pool Ecology: Santa Rosa Plateau Visitor's Center

    This is a small but informative visitors center that is a good way to start off a hike.

    Tide Pooling

    Tide pooling is a lot of fun and you can combine it with a day at the beach!! Be sure to check the time of the tides or you might not see very much. Field guides are available in lots of bookstores so that you can identify the things you find. Be sure to leave all the animals and plants in place for others to enjoy.

    Tide pooling in San Diego
    Tide pooling in Laguna Beach

    Marine Mammal rescue center - Laguna Beach

    This is also a small museum but you can see the rescued seals and sea lions that are being treated before they are released. The docents are very knowledgeable and are willing to spend lots of time telling you about their program.