• Tips to help your child succeed

    Praise, encourage and affirm your child often
    Decide with your child on a regular time and place to study
    Monitor your child’s progress both at home and in school
    Maintain frequent contact with your child’s teacher
    Provide your child with a safe, healthy, and supportive environment

    What can Parents can do to help?

    Build self-confidence in your child

    Encourage self-discipline by setting limits and holding your child accountable for their behavior
    Provide opportunities for your child to take responsibilities in the family
    Let your child know that you love them even when you disapprove of their behavior/choices

    Practice good communication with your child

    Repeat back what you have heard your child communicate to you
    Use listening skills

    Set family policies

    Decide on fair rules and logical consequences for breaking them
    Demonstrate the behavior that you want your children to have
    Limit the amount of time your child spends watching T.V.
    Control and monitor your child’s internet use