Degrees and Certifications:

Paula Mead

Hello Drama Parents:

Welcome to drama.  It is a joy for me to teach your children about the artistry, teamwork, and creativity involved in the performing arts.  Beginning drama class focuses on nine units of study you can find posted within my web page, while advanced drama spends class time working on major musical productions.  

I started my teaching career in 1997, teaching high school English in Orange County at La Quinta High School.  From there I moved to Spain where I opened a small English academy near Pamplona.  I worked with both adults and children, teaching English as a second language and business English.  I loved living in Spain and spent four years there, learning about a culture and emersing myself in a language much different than my own.  

After leaving Spain, I moved to Temecula on 2006 and began working at Gardner Middle School; soon after I accepted a position teaching drama.  Working with young actors has provided me with the exciting opportunity to direct large-scale musical productions for our school and community.  This is a wonderful endeavour and brings about a strong sense of accomplishment and personal growth for our advanced drama students. 

Behind the scenes in beginning drama, I embrace the privilege to watch your children improve both their confidence and presentation skills.  I tell my students acting should be fun, not intimidating, and I try and center my curriculum around engaging and inspiring lessons and projects, while at the same time embedding essential skills to become better performers and public speakers. 

I invest my summer months in traveling and I have visited more than 30 countries.  I also love the beach, live music, biking, and hiking.  I hope I am able to continue my passion for adventure and exploring our world; I believe my experiences abroad have contributed to my teaching and connection to a diverse student population.



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