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Degrees and Certifications:

Associates Degree in Communication--Golden West College Bachelor of Science in Physical Education--Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Masters in Kinesiology from Cal State Long Beach

Mrs. Lori Brooks

I started my teaching career in 1996 at Edison High School in Huntington Beach. After 3 years, I got the opportunity to open Northwood High School in Irvine. Then I married Mr. Brooks and we moved here to Temecula and I taught for 3 1/2 years at TVHS before ending up at my "forever (work) home", Bella Vista MS.

I am the lucky lucky person who gets to work with our school's Ambassadors. If you have any questions regarding this program, please email me! :0)


  • Grading categories/criteria:

    Effort (50%)--Daily participation/effort level on a 10-point scale.  Student is graded on being on task and giving best effort.  If student is ill or injured, they need to communicate with teacher prior to activity so teacher can modify activity as needed--all injuries/illnesses must be verified by guardian in writing by the following day unless injury occurs in class with teacher present to witness.  Absences will be recorded as "0" points until make up work is turned in to teacher (see below).

    Social (25%)--Weekly grade based on 10 pts. per week (-2 pts. per infraction).  If a student's behavior accounts for more points than the allotted weekly number to be deducted, such deduction will not go below a "0," but student will be assigned a break detention to be served with teacher, at which time teacher will instruct student regarding appropriate/acceptable behaviors and may issue a written contract assignment to be completed at home and verified by guardian.  Student is graded on socially responsible behaviors including, but not limited to the following:  promptness to class, having required materials (own clothes), cooperation with teacher and peers, proper use of equipment/facilities, listening/ being non-disruptive during instruction and following school rules during class time (no gum or eating).  Absences will be recorded as "0" until make up work is received by teacher in the aloted time period (see below).

    Run/Fitness (25%)--Each run grade (20 pts.) will be based on varying criteria from week to week.  Timed mile grade will be assigned for student's BEST time of the semester and several tries will be granted.  Fitness items graded (10 pts each) include: push ups, sit ups, sit & reach and trunk lift; these tests will also be graded on student's BEST performance during the course of the semester.  Fitness grading scale is derived from the state Fitnessgram's "Healthy Fitness Zone" and is gender specific.  Run grade is separate from effort grade and will be made up in class with teacher.  Make up runs are not guaranteed to have same criteria as "run day," as teacher needs to monitor both make ups and whole class activity simultaneously.  If a student is in medical PE for a period of 3 weeks or more, he/she will have the option (if time allows) of making up missed run day tasks in order to earn a letter grade rather than a "pass/fail."

  • *Make-Up Work for Absences/Non-participation due to illness:


    For each missed activity day, students should complete an aerobic workout (i.e. jog, power walk, skate, bike, swim) of duration 30 minutes (or they may chose 20 min. cardio with 20 min. wt. lifting or calisthenics--i.e. push ups, sit ups, etc.) outside of school time.    Student should turn it in to me within one week of the day/s of missed activity for full credit, within a month for partial credit (extensions available only for those who are physically unable to workout due to extended illness or injury and who come see me to set up a due date).  It is the student's responsibility to complete the workout, to write it up and to hand the work in to the teacher!! PRINT MAKE-UP FORM FROM LOCKER ON SIDE COLUMN OF WEB PAGE (UP AND TO THE LEFT).  I thank you and wish you happiness and good health!


  • *Medical PE with a doctor's or parent note (3-day limit):

    If your child is unable to do ANY activity, they spend the PE period in the library and are expected to complete a written assignment (read an article, report facts and write a summary) and turn it in to the librarian.  If they chose to sit and do nothing, they get no points for the day and may have to do additional makeup work when they return to health.  If student is on medical PE for 3 weeks or more in a grading period, they will receive a pass/fail grade instead of a letter grade.  Medical PE written work replaces the participation grade for the day, NOT any run, fitness or skills test they miss.  These must be made up with the teacher when they return to class/health.  Medical PE work IS NOT A PUNISHMENT, it is a curriculum-based alternative assessment for the day when no physical work is possible!