Districtwide Safety and Security Information

  • Safety and Security is a primary concern and focus for TVUSD.  In August of 2018 the District hired a full-time Coordinator of Safety and Security, Mr. Richard Dixon.  In the last several months, the department has undertaken a number of initiatives focused on preserving and enhancing the safety and security of students and staff. Two years ago, the District hired a consultant to review and rewrite the District's and every school site's Standard Emergency Operation Plans.  Each plan contains the following: 

    1. Emergency Operations Plan
    2. School Active Assailant Plan
    3. Student/Parental Reunification Plan
    4. Earthquake Response Plan
    5. Continuity of Operations Plan

    The focus of the recommendations was to secure our campuses with the goal of infrastructure target hardening of our schools.  The goal of infrastructure target hardening recommendations when doing facility assessments at schools is to target harden them without making it look like a prison or having a detrimental effect on school operations.   We want to maintain our campuses as family friendly hubs for the community with appropriate safety protocols enforced.

    Safety and Security Coordinator:
    Richard Dixon- rdixon@tvusd.k12.ca.us 

TVUSD Protocols

    • Each site has a safety plan
    • All sites have established visitor protocols
    • All sites are closed campuses and have single points of entry through the offices when school is in session
    • All campuses have perimeter fencing
    • SRO's (School Resource Officers) are assigned to each high school campus and support the middle and elementary schools when needed
    • Provide ongoing training and drills
    • Keep exterior doors locked




Report a Concern

  •  report bullying logo  The District and every school website has a “Report Bullying” icon on the homepage.  This can be used to report any kind of issues or concerns,   not just bullying.  You can submit anonymously or request a response and follow up.  You can always contact your school administrator directly as   well.       

     Please be assured that if there is ever a threat that is determined to be "credible" in consultation with police, parents and staff will be notified   immediately.  The reality is that schools, in general, deal with issues, concerns, and situations on a daily basis that are investigated and deemed not to   be credible concerns.   As such, it would not be appropriate for us to notify parents and staff of every general concern, issue, or situation that may occur on a campus during the course of a normal school day. 

    Vigilance by our students, staff, and families in reporting issues of concern continues to be our best resource.  Parties who are involved in the reporting of any issues are directly followed up with as well as any students involved.  Unfortunately, if there is discipline associated with an incident, we are mandated by law and student privacy rights that we are not able to share the outcome.