• GOHS concerts and events

    3/16 & 3/17  7pm in the PAC

    Choir workshop: If you're interested in joining us next year, you should come.

    4/5~4/8 3pm~4pm in room 903

    Auditions for Blush Tones and Voices of the Pack

    4/12~4/15  3pm to 5pm.  Audition form

     1) You can be in choir without auditioning. However, you will be placed in my beginning choir. If that is your intent, please let me know.

    2) If you sign up to audition, you are agreeing to be in choir the following year. Do not take a spot away from another singer.

    3) You do not need to prepare a song. You will sing a few warm-ups, tonal memory and be given a short sightreading material. 

    5/25 & 5/26  7pm in the PAC


  • Please go to Mr. Park's site for more information.