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    What is Watch D.O.G.S.? It stands for "Dad Of Great Students" and is a nationally recognized program with 2 goals: provide positive male role models for students, and provide extra sets of eyes and ears to enhance school security.
    What do you do in Watch D.O.G.S.? It is easy! A detailed schedule for your day will be provided and will include: helping in your child's classroom, eating lunch together, playing games at recess and lunch and patrolling the school grounds.
    How do I volunteer for the Watch D.O.G.Program? 


    If you would like to volunteer please print, complete and submit these forms listed below to the library.

    *All four forms need to be completed and submitted at the same time before you can sign up for a date to volunteer. Volunteer date will be at least a week after all paperwork has been submitted.

    2.) T.B. Test- You must have a current TB test on file with the school site office. This test can be obtained from your doctor (please allow up to a week to get your T.B. test results).
    3.) Volunteer Code of Conduct  Please print and fill out this form. A current Volunteer Code of Conduct must be on file at each site where you volunteer.
    4.) Megan's Law Background Check Please print and fill out this form. A current  Megan's Law Background Check must be on file at each site where you volunteer.
    If you need more information drop by the library or send an email to