• Discipline Policy


    Courtesy and Respect

    Student courtesy is exemplified by well-mannered and gracious conduct. Students show a positive, sincere consideration for others. DMS students respect themselves, their peers, and adults. They avoid intruding upon or interfering with the productive business of others and exhibit self-assurance, confidence, and high regard for personal property.


    Peers, staff, and parents can depend on our students. They take responsibility for their actions and can be held accountable for their conduct.

    In order to ensure a safe, orderly learning environment, Day Middle School will follow a program of Assertive Discipline. All students will begin the year with zero discipline points. Failure to comply with rules and regulations will result in students earning discipline points. In general, detention will cause a student to earn one (1) discipline point; OCS, two (2) discipline points; and Suspension, three (3) discipline points. If a student earns two (2) discipline points within 30 days of a school-sponsored event, he/she will be excluded from that activity.

    Students cannot work off demerits once they are earned. Students are informed of their current demerit status when they are seen by the assistant principal.

    Sexual harassment in any form will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment is any unwelcome verbal or physical advances of a sexual nature. "Pantsing" is a form of sexual harassment and will be disciplined appropriately. If you are a victim of any form of harassment, please inform a school staff member immediately.

    SUSPENSION: Students are removed from school and may not participate in or attend any school functions during the period of suspension.

    EXPULSION: The most severe form of discipline, expulsion is utilized in extreme cases (weapons, teacher assaults, theft, dealing of drugs). During an expulsion, students are prohibited from attending school for a specified period of time and may not enroll in any other district school. During this time, students may not attend school functions on any campuses in the district.

    The principal and the assistant principal reserve the right to alter the above consequences when they deem the situation is best solved in a different manner.

    Sixth and seventh grade students earning 12 or more discipline points in the school year will not be permitted to attend end of the year activities. At the discretion of the administrator, participation is also contingent upon receiving no F's in language arts or math in the second semester. Students must earn a cumulative 2.0 grade point average for the school year as determined by the first semester report card and second semester grades.

    Eighth grade students earning 12 or more discipline points in the school year will not be permitted to attend the end of the year eighth grade events. Eighth grade students earning 14 or more discipline points in the school year will not be permitted to participate in the Promotion Ceremony. Student receive letters several times throughout the year that are to be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to the assistant principal. In addition, they sign for the letters if they have over 6 discipline points.