Photo of students, teachers, and family members from first yearbook.
  • Paloma was founded in 1995 when Temecula was beginning to expand to accommodate the growing number of families that were moving to the Temecula Valley. Given it's history in the valley, many families have a connection to Paloma. We have students who attended when the school was first open and are now returning to bring their children to attend school. We have teachers that have been at the school as long as it has been open and many more who began working here within the first five years. We are a neighborhood school with most, if not all, of our families within walking distance.

    Each year, we welcome around 600 students. We support students in both general education and special education. We have teachers in TK through 5th grade, as well as, a Resource Specialist Teacher (RSP) and three Special Day Class (SDC) Teachers. We have a dedicated Speech and Language Pathologist, as well as, staff to support students in Occupational Therapy, Adapted Physical Education, and Behavioral Health. Our certificated staff is supported by a stellar Classified Staff including an Attendance Clerk, Site Secretary, Health Clerk, Nurse, Custodian, Instructional Aides, Noon Duty Aides, and Cafeteria staff. We are a team and we work together to support our students in every way that we can.

    Our work each day is supported by a tremendous PTA. Please visit the PTA webpage to find out more information about our PTA and all of the wonderful things they do to support our school.