• Upcoming events at GMS:

    March 6-10: Lucky Shamrocks
    Shamrocks will be distributed to your mailboxes. Teachers can hide shamrocks around their classrooms for the students to find.  When a student finds a shamrock, they give one to a friend. During 7th period, both students will come to room 605 with their shamrocks and let us know why they are so lucky to have their friend. Each student will get a special prize.
    March 9-10: Pi Day Contest
    Students have the opportunity to recite as many digits of Pi as possible.  This is a lunch event. Students that recite 15 digits will receive a mini pie on 3/14.  Students that recite 20 digits will receive a slice of cheese pizza. 
    March 14: Pi Day 
    Pi Day prizes distributed at lunch.
    March 17: National Shamrock Day
    Wear green. ROAR card members get a treat delivered in 7th period.
    March 20-24: Character Counts Spirit Week 
    Thank you to Antoinette for coming up with these daily challenges and creating such beautiful posters! :) 
    Monday 3/20: Wear red.
    Tuesday 3/21: Wear yellow
    Wednesday 3/22: Wear a jersey
    Thursday 3/23: Wear orange
    Friday 3/24: Superhero day. Field day in 7th period.