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Mr. Jared Boyatt

Email -    951-294-6450 x3357

Periods 1, 2, & 5 - Pre-AP English 9

Periods 3 & 4 - AP Literature

After School - Varsity Boys' Golf Coach 




How to use


    Period 1 (Pre-AP English 9) - Class ID 21877979  Password  wolfpack

    Period 2 (Pre-AP English 9) - Class ID  21878019  Password  wolfpack

    Period 3 (AP Literature) - Class ID  21878050  Password  wolfpack

    Period 4 (AP Literature)  - Class ID  21878065  Password  wolfpack

    Period 5 (Pre-AP English 9) - Class ID  21878029  Password  wolfpack


    Steps to Submit an Essay in

    1.  Log into your account and click on the class name
    2. Find the assignment that you want to submit and click the blue “Submit”
    3. Make sure the drop-down menu at the top says “File Upload” (there is rarely a scenario that you will use the “Cut and Paste” option
    4. You will need to add a title to your submission (Put the title of your essay on that line)
    5. Click “Choose from Google Drive” and then locate your essay and click  “Select” (Make sure that you are logged into your school Google account, not your family's personal account)
    6. Click “Upload”.  It will ask if you if that is the paper you want to submit. 
    7. It will confirm that your paper has been submitted.  (You don’t need to write the confirmation # down)

Setting up a Remind Account

  • Would like to receive reminder text messages from Mr. Boyatt?

          If you are in Pre-AP 9 (Periods 1, 2, & 5)

               Text @gohseng9 to 81010

          If you are in AP Literature (Periods 3 & 4):

               Text @gohsaplit  to 81010