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Ms. Joy Cruz




Perseverance is the key to success! 

DO YOU HAVE ALL OF YOUR REQUIRED DAILY MATERIALS?  Computer (w/video and mic) AND charging cord, earbuds or headphones, black or blue pen, pencil, eraser, metric ruler, calculator, notebook paper, and a basic set of colored pencils (not pens or crayons)  

DID YOU CHECK OUT YOUR BIOLOGY TEXTBOOK AND WORKBOOK FROM THE LIBRARY?  You can't do your homework if you don't have your textbook!

Some things to remember if you want to be successful in this class:  always come to class prepared with your printouts and add additional notes to the printouts during lectures, read the textbook for comprehension, complete and turn in ALL work on time (by the posted due date and time), complete the study guides/test previews AND study, study, study!  Make flashcards of the vocabulary and have someone verbally test you on them daily.  Form study groups.  Don't procrastinate.  Take advantage of any extra credit (especially the Bonus points for participation).  And lastly, ask for help as soon as you don't understand something.  You can get help during class/intervention or after school by appointment.  You can also get tutoring from the Peer Leader Tutors.  Lastly, refer to the Performance Checklist (on the course syllabus) for additional things you can do to improve your grade.  

Please check your grades on Infinite Campus weekly and let me know if there are any discrepancies ASAP!  Grades are usually updated every 1-2 weeks.  Remember, I do not accept late work unless it is due to an excused absence or prior arrangements have been made with me to turn it in on an alternate date/time.  Please note the comment codes for assignments.  A blank (no score) means that the assignment needs to be made up ASAP.  If the assignment was worth only 2 points, then it was only graded for completion.  Since Infinite Campus does not have a "check, check minus, minus" scoring, a check = 2 points, a check minus = 1 point, and a minus = 0 points.  If the assignment was worth 0 points, then it was counted as extra credit.  Any assignments marked as "missing" were either turned in late or were never turned in at all.

If you are absent or plan to be absent, make sure to email me ASAP to find out what you need to make up and when they are due if they are not posted in Canvas.  You must also turn in any work that was due during your absence and make arrangements to make up any labs, tests, or quizzes ASAP.