Welcome to Mrs. Bush's Social Studies

  • Distance Learning

    All student assignments are posted on Google Classroom. Planbook.com is being kept up to date, so if your child/you are used to accessing this as a means of seeing assignments for the week, please continue to do so. A weekly overview will be posted at the beginning of each week. Individual assignments are posted within Classroom. Textbook assignments can be read using their physical textbook or online within TCI. All "workbook" questions MUST be completed online in TCI. Questions follow each section. Students are to use complete sentences and answer the questions specifically and thoroughly to demonstrate comprehension.

    Students can email me with questions during our scheduled block time, and/or during our "office hours" on Fridays. Do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

    What You'll Find on This Site

    This site is meant to provide you with clear information on everything you need to know to help your child be super successful this year. Use the links to the left or below (depending of device) to navigate the contents of the site.

    The calendar below will simply note key dates to be aware of (e.g., quiz/test dates, project start and due dates, etc.). For detailed information on specific assignments and/or homework (especially if your child is absent), please log onto Planbook.com. 

    In the event of an absence your child is responsible for checking Planbook.com to review class assignments, class notes, links to videos, and/or any homework assigned. Student's must make-up any missed assignments, as well as prepare for upcoming assessments.