Welcome to 4th and 5th Grade!!! 

    Classroom News and Updates 



    Fun Run 3/11

    Fourth Grade field trip 3/13 rain or shine


    Open House 3/18

    Disney Day 3/20













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    Hello, my name is Anastasia Bortcosh. I'm excited for another year of working with Jackson students and their families.

    I look forward to a great year!



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    Daily Homework Assignments

    Week of Mar. 9-13: 

    ***Moby Max is an optional homework assignment (assignment list)***


    Read 20 minutes + comprehension pg. Mon. 

    Math page 



    Read 20 minutes + comprehension pg. Tues. 

    Math page 



    Read 20 minutes+ comprehension pg. Wed.

    Math page 



     Read 20 minutes+ comprehension pg. Thurs.

    Math page 




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      Happy Birthday

    Austin 3/6

    Jason 3/16