• Welcome to Abby Reinke's EL Program page. Our curriculum is driven by the California Department of Education's content standards which can be viewed using the link provided. Abby Reinke Elementary School provides an English Language Mainstream (ELM) Program on-site. This is a state-funded program that offers special instruction in learning English orally. Teachers use various second language acquisition strategies to develop English vocabulary and comprehension skills. Our EL students come from all parts of the world and enrich the diversity of our school community.


    The goals of the EL Program are:

    • To provide English Learners with language skills that will enable them to participate fully in the mainstream classroom
    • To provide all students with an understanding of and respect for each other's cultural traditions and values
    • To develop a positive self-concept, an ability to relate well to others, and acceptable standards of conduct and citizenship 


    EL instruction prepares students with an academic foundation that contributes to lasting student achievement. Teachers use various second language acquisition strategies to develop English vocabulary and comprehension skills. All instruction is provided in the general education classroom and is conducted in English. Students in the EL Program have access to the same grade level core curriculum and textbooks that mainstream students receive. EL students participate in all of the same school activities as their grade-level peers in the regular program. In addition, EL students have the same opportunities to participate in special education or Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) programs provided by the district.


    When EL students have met all of the requirements of the EL Program, they can attend the mainstream education program. This process is called reclassification. Students are reclassified based upon multiple measures and include state standardized tests, such as the ELPAC and CASSPP, teacher judgment, parent input, and other measures of student performance as needed.


    The following terms are regularly used in the English Language Development Program:

    • EL: English Learners
    • LEP: Limited English Proficient
    • IFEP: Intially Fluent English Proficient
    • ELPAC: English Language Proficiency Assessment for California
    • Initial ELPAC: The testing process when the child first enters the program.
    • Annual ELPAC: The testing that happens in the fall once the child is enrolled in the ELD Program for one year and has not passed the initial ELPAC.
    • Reclassified: The student has passed the required tests and changes from the status as English Learner to the Fluent English Proficient designation.
    • SDAIE: Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English
    • CLAD (Cross-Cultural Language and Academic Development): Certification for a teaching credential that authorizes teachers to work with English Learners