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  • Owl Library Mission 

    In collaboration with teachers, parents, and staff, to guide students in gaining the skills needed for both lifelong learning and lifelong reading. The Alamos Owl library will provide access to the materials and space to develop and practice effective and responsible habits for research and reading.



    Library Hours: 

    Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, 8:40 AM to 3:30 PM Wednesday 8:40 AM to 1:15 PM

    *Students may come to the library with a parent at 8:30 AM Monday-Friday*


    How Many Books May I Check-Out? 

    *Students may check out books according to grade level:

    • 1st Grade: 1 book
    • 2nd Grade: 2 books
    • 3rd, 4th, & 5th Grades: 3 books 

    How Long Do I Get to Borrow Library Book(s)?

    Materials are due back one week following check-outs or may be renewed for an additional week (2 weeks) as long as no one has requested the title.  Once the grade-level maximum is reached, items must be returned in order to check-out more materials. Library books may be renewed once without the book present. 

       What happens if I lost a Book?

    Please email at: dvillegas@tvusd.us

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  • Book Donations Picture

    The Owl Library accepts donations of gently used, age-appropriate books and magazines.

    Donations may be added to the library collection or shared with classroom teachers.

The Giving Tree



    THANK YOU!!! 

    Origami paper, Colored Pencils, Pencils, Paper Clips, Baby wipes, Erasers, Bookmarks, Scotch Tape, Kleenex, Packs of stickers, Paper Plates, Napkins, Treasure Box Treats (no food), Dry Erase Markers, Hand Sanitizer, Hand Soap, Glue Sticks, Art supplies, (Construction paper, tape, glitter, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, paint, paintbrushes, tissue paper, etc), Board games (Checkers, Chess, Uno, Sorry, Trouble, Scrabble, Connect 4, Battleship, etc.). Makerspace Amazon Wishlist.

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  • Birthday Book Club Picture

    Want to give your child a special birthday present while supporting the AES library?

    What is the Birthday Book Club? 

    The birthday book club allows you to select a brand new book for your child’s birthday. The book will be placed in the library for all to enjoy. Your child’s picture will be taken with the book and placed on our Birthday Book Club Wall in the library. Birthday Book Club members will receive a library bookworm spirit tag and a certificate presented on Friday Flag Day! Books must be received 7 days prior to presentation at Friday’s Flag Day! 

     How do I select the book? 

    A Birthday Book Club Wish List has been created on Amazon.com.  Books do not have to be purchased from the wishlist although it is preferred. If you have a favorite book and would like to share it with us please contact Ms. Villegas. All books should be in hardcover. Please visit the list at AES Birthday Book Club Wishlist or you can purchase one of the books from the list from your local bookstore and bring it to school.

     Does my child keep the book? 

    The book becomes part of the library’s collection.  It is a gift to the library in honor of your child’s birthday. 

     If you have any questions please email Ms. Villegas.