Health Information Services

  • The District has 11 credentialed school nurses who cover all of our TVUSD school sites.  Health clerks at each school provide first aid and health services support.  The school nurses oversee the health clerks, assist with special education issues, design and oversee specialized physical health care plans, provide vision and hearing screenings, respond to emergencies, review home/hospital requests, and consult with teachers, parents, and others on health and safety issues.  The school nurses also participate in the assessments and IEP process.

TVUSD Credentialed School Nurses

Name Education Degrees School Site Email
Amanda Chapman RN,MSN,MHA Lead Nurse DO/SWS
Becky Bauer RN, MSN, PHN LES, FVES, and NVES
Amanda Darien RN, BSN MMS, TES, and TMS
Mary Beth Ingram RN, BSN GOHS
Suzie Lazerus RN, MSN CHS
Kaci Miranda RN, BSN TVHS
Bonnie Mitzel RN, BSN VHES, Summit Academy, and Home Instead Innovation Academy
Avalyn Reasol RN, BSN ARES, PES, and VRMS
Dena Tylman RN, BSN BES, DMS, and PVES
Natalie Whitworth RN, MSN, PHN CHES, RHES, and RES
Crystal Nikoomanesh RN, BSN BVMS, AES, and VES
Amie Burns RN, BSN JES, AES preschool, SAEC


  • Suicide Hotline (English and Spanih): 1-800-273-8255

    Riverside County Mental Health 24 Hour Crisis Intervention: 1-800-706-7500

    TEEN LINE: Abuse, AIDS, alcoholism, depression, divorce, drugs, gangs, homelessness, pregnancy, sexuality, violence, suicide. TEEN LINE operated by teens, for teens, helps adolescents address their problems through a confidential peer hotline and community outreach program. Toll-free in California, it's a place to talk things out with another teen in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

    1-800-TLC-TEEN (1-800-852-8336) or 310-855-HOPE (310-855-4673) Nightly 6:00 pm-10:00 pm (pst)